1D FairyTale Collection :) (Imagines)

Hey, El here!
Decided to write a imagine 4 u guys! So everyone can be in their own little fanfic!
All u have to do is comment:
your name
hair colour
eye colour
situation- optional
about you

add anything you like! SO I will do them in order or if there are to many I will pick some out of random!
Enjoy and let the 1D fairy tales begin!!!!!


2. Louis 4 Elmina :)

Elmina's POV

I yet once again pulled down the skirt to my witches costume. My friend Mel picked it out for me and of course she would have picked something really.... Slutty. It was really frustrating having to pull up the front of the dress so there wasn't so much cleavage and having to pull down the skirt so nobody could we my underwear. All of this hassle was thanks to Mel! Thanks Mel! I said to myself as I did my pull up push down procedure.

If you haven't guess already, It was Halloween and I was going to a Halloween party. I loved this time of year, I loved dressing up, but normally I wouldn't wear something so revealing, but MEL said that I 'had to be more of a girl'. F**k her.

As soon as I got to the party, my nose was intoxicated by the smell of alcohol. People were everywhere and most of them were hammered. I pushed my way through the crowns to find Mel, she said that she would be waiting for me at the bar. I caught sight of her In the distance and made my way towards her. Just then a hand came extremely close to my chest and I slapped it away, the unknown hand disappeared, thank god for that.

I  pushed back my long braids and started to speed walk towards her, pleading that the hand wouldn't come back. Just as I was about to get to her a familiar voice called my name and a strong hand grabbed my wrist and pulled me back. I spun around, prepared to give this douche a slap, but my hand froze.

"Look who we have here, sexy witch of the South!" Louis laughed. I stopped trying to restrain my hand and it went flying towards his face. It made contact and he yelped. " What the f*** was that for?" he spat as he rubbed the red mark I had left on his cheek., I was nearly the same red as the fake blood dripping from his mouth.

"Just a hello slap." I teased. " Somebody's on their period.." he muttered. I brushed of the insult, he had said it to many time before. " So who are you supposed to be, amosquito?" I asked, pretending  to be innocent.

" no! I'm Dracula!!!" he did and evil laugh and I jabbed him. " Shame, cos you would be a great mosquito, actually, you guys have loads in common, like, you both bloody annoying!!!" I screamed over the loud music. He chuckled " very funny Elmina ,very funny.."  there was a bit of a silence. " can I buy you a drink?" Louis asked.

Wait...he wanted to get me a drink? But, I thought he hated me? What the hell was wrong with him.

"uhhh... Sure?" I said unsure of how to react to his sudden nice gesture. He smirks then tells me to stay here. I nods and he darts off in one direction (Hahahahaha) to the bar. A couple minutes later, Louis comes back with a martini. My favorite, how did he know?

"how did u know I liked martinis?" I asked hoping that he wouldn't say he was stalking me.

" we'll...." he "I just do" he flashed me his super charming smile. I practically melted but then realised who he was... Louis Tomlinson, the annoying boy from high school.

"I want to ask you something Mina" he said just loud enough for me to hear.

" what?" I asked, really curious.

" we'll......." he stopped talking and before I knew I his lips were on mine. Sparks flew everywhere and fireworks went off in my stomach, killing all the butterflies. The electricity that flew between us nearly stopped my heart. This wasn't happening. Louis pulled me closer to him and we deepened the kiss. Soon my hands where running through his hair. I never wanted this to end. When he finally broke away he smiled " wow" I gasped. I couldn't believe that just happened " I know, and I've got plenty more where that came from" he smirked then shot me an adorable wink.

Best Halloween party ever.


There is the First EVER IMAGINE!!!! Omg, Well the first one I have ever written! Thanks to Mina x for being the first to comment, if you guys haven't read her movellas you seriously should, they are really good! Anyway, woke up this morning with a around 5 comments on imagines already! :D Thanks so much for the sign of intrest! :D

The next one will be for Lauren Stylinson x- cos she was the first to FAVE!

Thanks loads for reading, and don't worry, you will defo get a turn!


El xoxo

Remember : Smile :D


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