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Hey, El here!
Decided to write a imagine 4 u guys! So everyone can be in their own little fanfic!
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5. For Zoe ( Zoe Xtra Mini) - Written By El x

Zoe's Pov

" Come on Zoe, lets just forget it okay?" Niall said, even though it sounded more like a question. " I can't just forget it! You cheated on me, okay? It's not something I can just forget!" I told him as I pushed him away yet once again. He thinks just cos he practically kidnapped me and brought me to this adorable little market town in South Africa I will forget everything he ever did wrong, all the stupid little mistakes and that one huge one. Nope. I picked up one of my many scissors and threw them at the floor. Niall jumped back, thinking that I was aiming at him. I laughed. There wasn't any pain anymore, Just anger and disbelief.

He said that he loved me, then he had to go cheat on me with another, much pretty and much sluttier girl. " Why did you do it, Niall?" I asked, screaming at him now. I expected him to back off, I had a fiery temper and he knew that, but he didn't, he stepped closer to me. " I don't know, maybe because he cheated on me with my BEST FRIEND, no actually. MY BROTHER!" He yelled at me, Niall was known as the cute one in the band. Yeah, he sure was cute when he was angry... real f***ing adorable. Note the sarcasm. I ran my hand through my hair. 

" My god Niall, I didn't cheat on you! I didn't sleep with Louis okay? It was a freaking rumor!" I screamed for the hundred something time. " But you actually cheated, you actually slept with somebody else!" I couldn't believe this, he accused me of cheating then goes, gets drunk and does it with another girl and doesn't feel bad about it.

Niall sighed. " I don't know why I am still with you, I should have left a long time ago." I say as I throw myself down on the sofa. I honestly didn't have a clue why I am still here, why I didn't call my parents to get me out of here, he cheated on me yet I still stayed. He split my heart in half yet I still, for some reason, still love him. 

"God Dammit Zoe, Please don't talk about going, I would die if you did." Niall begged. I looked into his beautiful eyes.  This was so hard. " Niall, I can't do this anymore." I whispered as I got up and walked up to my room. I needed to get out of this place. I needed to leave before I change my mind. Niall attempted to pull me back but I shook off his hand and carried on walking slowly up the stairs. Thank god the boys weren't here, I wouldn't have been able to leave if they were, I loved them all to much, but I had to do what was best for me.

I got into my room and locked the door. I got my suitcase out and began to pack. Niall was knocking on the door, I didn't answer him. Tears were pouring down my face.

x-x After packing.

I grabbed my suitcase and opened the door to my bedroom, I was expecting to see Niall, sitting at my door, waiting for me to come out, but no, he wasn't there. He really didn't care about me leaving. F*** you Niall James Horan.

I went out into the hot, dry African street. I got a taxi and took one look back at the house that Niall and I shared. This was for the best. I though to myself. For the best.

After a couple minutes of driving, we had left the little town and were headed towards the airport. The car was traveling through some wilderness.

" Excuse me Ms. Not to alarm you, but we must get out of the car." The taxi driver said suddenly. I began to panic, even though he told me not to. " Why?" I asked before opening my door. He didn't need to explain. Behind us, was a huge Giraffe. I was shocked. It was enormous and it was getting closer and closer to the car, trotting quickly. As it got nearer I noticed something on its back. My eyes widened. It was Niall.

" What the F***!"I scream as the giraffe completely squashed the taxi. The driver whimpered, as if feeling the pain of the crushed car.

" Sorry!" Niall called down. I was  bewildered. " What are you doing?" I asked him, confused.

" well, I had to come after you and I couldn't find a car."  I laughed a little bit, " You are so strange Niall." I yelled up at him. He smirked and threw a ladder like thing down the side of the giraffe, he then began to climb down. Halfway down the giraffe began to move again and Niall threw himself off, therefore landing on the hard ground with a thump. I immediately rushed towards him as the giraffe galloped off into the distance and the Taxi driver mourned over his car.

" My god, are you okay?" I asked him, he didn't move. I started to worry. " Uhh Niall?" I shook him a little. Nothing. I brought my face closer to his so I could examine his head, to make sure he hadn't cracked it or something. Suddenly his lips were on mine. We kissed for a couple of minutes, every second better than the last. When we broke away Niall smirked.

" Please don't leave me, I am sorry and I never shouldn't have done it." He apologized. I laughed.

" Why would I leave a guy who just rode an Giraffe, then threw himself off, just because he couldn't find a car?" I laughed and kissed him again, he fist pumped then winced.

" seriously, i think I broke my arm." He tried to sit up and winced at the pain. I chuckled.

" You are such an idiot." I helped him up, and he dusted his shirt. " Yeah, but I'm your Idiot."


There you go Zoe! I am sorry that it has taken so long to update! I really am, but here it is and I hoped you liked it!

I have decided to update this Imagines Movella every Wednesday and Sunday! :D

Tell me which part was your favorite!! :D


EL x

Remember: Smile :D


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