1D FairyTale Collection :) (Imagines)

Hey, El here!
Decided to write a imagine 4 u guys! So everyone can be in their own little fanfic!
All u have to do is comment:
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hair colour
eye colour
situation- optional
about you

add anything you like! SO I will do them in order or if there are to many I will pick some out of random!
Enjoy and let the 1D fairy tales begin!!!!!


4. For Natalie (Obsessive Ballerina) - Written by El x

Natalie's POV


"Please let me in." Niall's exasperated voice calls from outside my door. I didn't move from my curled up position on my bed. The blanket was practically covered in tissues yet it was still soaked in my tears. "F*** Off." I screamed at him. He just kept hammering at the door, begging me to let him in and explain himself. " Please Nat let me explain." he yelled, voice full of sorrow. " There is nothing to F****** explain! " I swore at him. Swearing made me feel even worse since I only swore when it was serious, it just reminded me how serious this whole sh** was.

"Please." Niall muttered as he took one more hit against the door. There was a silence. " I love you Natalie." the words burnt at my heart, I loved him to, I really truly did, but he cheated, he slept with another slut who we met at a bar, a one night stand. If he loved me, he wouldn't have let himself do something so stupid.

" Please let me in, I want to explain" Niall cried from outside, I couldnt find it in myself to leave him outside so I carefully unlocked my bedroom door. Niall was sitting on the floor, face red, covered in tears, hair messy like he hadn't brushed it in days. He looked up at me. Then he got up and stared into my eyes. The blue orbs that shines back at me shocked me. They were so clear and innocent, I nearly forgot what he did, but not this time.

"Did you sleep with her?" I asked him bluntly. He looked shocked,then guilt and stared at the floor.

" Did you make the move or did she?" Niall kept staring at the floor, shrugging. "For God's sake Niall! Were you drunk?" I asked. He nodded then looked straight at me. I yelled out in anger and threw the Newspaper at the him, the story was all over the papers. Niall Horan of One Direction, Sleeping with another? Niall Horan get's Horany with a Girl in a club.

I kept hitting him, over and over again with the newspaper, he wasn't trying to stop me, just taking in the blows as they came. Suddenly, all my built up anger vanshed, so did all my energy. I slumped to the floor, crying into my hands. Do you know what the worst part was? It was the fact that he didn't tell me, I had to find out, through the bloody Newspapers!!!

Niall put his hand on my shoudler but I immediately pushed it away from me, I didn't want him to touch me, the feeling made me feel sick, he cheated on me, he slept with another F******* slut, and all she had to do was bat her eyelids and wear something that didn't really count as clothing. I heard Niall take a deep breathe.

" I messed up okay? I know I did, and I shouldn't have done it. , I screwed up the best thing I have ever had in my life. The best thing I will ever have in my life. If I could go back and change it then I would, I would change every second of  that night and make it that I was here, with you. I know you probably don't believe me, you think I'm just saying it to get you to forgive me, you probably thing that  I don't care about you anymore, and that's why I did it. , but I'm not lying and believe me when I say, I love you more than anything in the entire world; I would, God, this sounds so cheesy, but I would die for you, whatever you ask I will get you. Whenever your broken I will mend you, because yu are everything to me and if I loose you, i won't ever forgive myself." Niall's words stopped the new tears that threatened to spill from my eyes, They calmed me down yet made the whole situation a lot worse.

" If I mean that much to you then why did you go and F**ck that girl." I looked up at him, my mascara was smudged everywhere. " I don't know, I don't know." He sat down next to me, I took a deep breathe, then got up.

" Fine, then tell me when you know." I got up and headed towards the door, his hand grabbed mine and pulled me back. " Please don't go." He begged, Tears began to fill my eyes again. I turned to look at him.

" I can't." I mutter, just as I am about to walk away, Niall leaned in and put is lips against mine. Right then, in the exact moment, I forgave him, I forgave him for everything, The way the sparks flew around the room proved to me that he did love me and what he did was just a mistake. The feeling I got when his lips met mine made me realise that he was everything I could have hoped for, my own little Prince Charming, in my own little Fairy Tale.


I am so sorry for making you wait so long for this Imagine Natalie, I am so sorry!!!!!! I have no excuse... Well, there it is, I quite liked this one! I hope you did too!!! Tell me which part was your favorite in the comments!!! :)

Love you all so much

El x

Remember : Smile ;D


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