Over agin

Brooke is just a normal girl who knew they boys for a long time.. but they went to the ex factor and forgotten about her.. She ends up reuniting with them and having fun.. but in the end what has gotten into the world what will happen but notheing will ever be the same for her one...


11. what the HARRY!!

Brookes POV
So today is me and Harrys 4 year ANA.!! so Im going shopping for him.. I got thim a hipster plz shirt and some jordans.. I love him so much!! He is the one!! I love him to the moon and back! hes soo perfect!

*2 hours later*

So i go into the hotel.. And I go into our room to see Harry in the bed with another girl.. I drop my stuff and he hops up! Brooke IM sorry!!! I say or yell IF YOU LOVED ME THEN YOU WOULDNT OF FUCKIN SLEPT WITH A WHORE! I turn to see who it was and it was Elenour.. She says im not a whore.. and comes and slaps me! I say BITCH YOU CAN LEAVE and I slap her and thrown her on the muther fuckin wall!! Harry looks and Me and looks shameful Brooke stop!! I just slam her head on the wall and start beating her! her nose is bleeding! Harry pulls me away and I kick him in the balls he needed that! Then Louis comes in and sees Harry on the ground and elenour(they where half naked) Louis looks and me and im in tears..Soon Kylie comes in and grabs me and she holds me and tells me everyting will be ok..I say I love him though and Elenour ruined it!! I love him!! I scream and hit the wall soon Zayn comes in and sees me.. He goes into the room (harrys and mine) grabs my stuff and packs it I hear Elenour kissing Harry and Harry kissing her.. I cry even harder..Soon Zayn comes out and picks me up and Carries me into his room..He puts my stuff down and holds me.. I say why would he do that? Well Harry is more of a one night stand guy.. you see

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