Over agin

Brooke is just a normal girl who knew they boys for a long time.. but they went to the ex factor and forgotten about her.. She ends up reuniting with them and having fun.. but in the end what has gotten into the world what will happen but notheing will ever be the same for her one...


57. Wake up..

Brookes POV

I wake up screaming.. That night mare felt so real.. I look around and see Harry's arms wrapped around my waist.. and I look at the clock.. 1:15 AM Today is our 2 year Ana. I am so scared that its gonna happen like the dream.. I get up out of bed and walk into the bathroom and look in the mirrior.. I splash my face with cold water, I am fully awake.. I go look in all the boys room... Zayn with Perrie.. Louis with Elenour, Liam with danila, Niall with Demi, Its so funny because Kylie and Louis are done with.. Kylie has Rachel but they live with us.. I sit down at the table in the living room.. I turn on the TV and look at the news.. Nothing good so I turn it off and I make my way back to my room.. I see Harry looking worried when I walk in he jumps.. "Brooke I was looking for you,You scared me babe. PLz dont do that again" He says worried.. I just nod and Climb into bed and put my head on his shoulders and say " I love you Harry forever and alw.." I go to sleep.. With out finishing the word since he should know what I was saying

Harry POV

Brooke is sleeping so good now.. She was scared of somthing I could tell she likes to keep stuff to herself.. Next thing I know is Brooke is screaming.. I shake her but she wont wakeup!!! I yell BROOKE WAKEUP!! Still doesnt.. I feel tears starting to form in my eyes.. Kylie comes in and see's.. "Harry she is just having one of her dreams where it rains out side she has these very messed up dreams you cant do anything.. intill she wakes up.." Kylie says, Kylie walks out I still cry.. Because I do not like to hear Brooke scream.. Brooke is so differnt.. Today is 2 years, Yes brooke Has woken up.. I tell her Im going out to get food.. But I lied so I can get her a engadment ring.. <3  I walk to the store and find a Pink diamond with little diamonds aroud it with a gold band.. I buy it and get her size since I know it by heart..


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