Over agin

Brooke is just a normal girl who knew they boys for a long time.. but they went to the ex factor and forgotten about her.. She ends up reuniting with them and having fun.. but in the end what has gotten into the world what will happen but notheing will ever be the same for her one...


21. The secret that kills me

Brookes POV

My secret all started when I was 10.. I went through alot.. like alot.. DOne cheer 24/7 and I just didnt like how I looked So I did alot of working out.. Intill i got smaller.. But my thigs just got bigger.. So I went on a crash diet.. Soon that lead to Ana. (if you dont know go look up) winch let to Belimua.. And so on.. Soon I just thought where I didnt look good I would just cut my pain away.. it worked for a while but then it just hurt me so.. I tired to stop but I couldnt 2 years later I stoped.. But then I got called names "emo whore bitch slut ugly fake fat" So i went back to my old life.. Then I met you guys.. I've never had any real friends besides you guys.. My five lads..But soon you guys became famous and never contacked me.. I was alone.. sad.. depressed.... I never showed a smile I grew back into my bad habaits.. Soon people started to notcie.. so I quit.. And then I met Kaylie We have been best friedns dorever (its my way of forever)..

Now are you happy Liam I told you what kills me I say whipping away my tears.. I turn around to see all the boys wide mouth open.. I just swollow and say can I help you?

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