Over agin

Brooke is just a normal girl who knew they boys for a long time.. but they went to the ex factor and forgotten about her.. She ends up reuniting with them and having fun.. but in the end what has gotten into the world what will happen but notheing will ever be the same for her one...


63. The last day..

*4weeks later*

rachels POV

Nialls mother is coming to take him.. I don't want him to go.. I need him to stay.. I love him I really do.. who's gonna lay with me when I cry who well hold me when Im sick.. No one.. I don't want no one BUT him.. Every night we sspent every moments we shared.. every joke we ruined.. :'( no Niall you cant leave.. You cant!!.. I get out of my bed I start crying and I destroy my room.. Everything is a mess.. Glass broken.. My bed every wear.. and then theirs. me.. Just like my room.. Broken... I slide down the wall.. and cry.. I put my hand over my mouth to muffle the screams.. and tilt my head up so my tears wont come out.. since its 4 A.M. I walk out of my room and I go to Niall's.. I see him packing.. I lean on his door frame... The tears start coming... He turns around and see's me.. I look away.. Since I don't want him to see me cry.. He comes up to me and says "Babe... Don't cry.. Ill come back I promise" "How long will it take!!! Most likely you will find a perfect Irish girl!! Who is beautiful" I say inbetween sobs.. He just picks me up and lays me down on his bed..  I turn away from him.. He sighs..

Nialls POV

She wont even look at me.. Im 20.. My mom cant control me.. but She misses me.. Maybe I will just visit.. and Rachel come? I cant ask Louis.. Louis bearly likes me as it is.. I grab her waist and turn her over.. shes crying.. I wipe the tears away.. "Babe"I say weakly "My mom misses me.. Maybe I want leave to live their but maybe to visit.. and maybe you can come.." She looks up at smiles.. and kisses me.. a long romantic kiss..  We pull apart and she falls asleep.. I pick her up and carry her into her room.. I open the door.. she can not sleep in her.. theirs glass every wear! he bed is on the floor.. I guess she'll sleep with me.. So I carry her back into my bed.. its now 5 A.M. I sit in the living room and Louis comes out.. He sits beside me.. "I heard her screaming and crying.. she was throwing things to" I said.. I feel tears coming.. "I know Nialler.. If you wan-" I cut Louis off... "Louis.. I know I should be on my knees since you let me go out with your daugfhter..but can she come with me? just for a week.. to Ireland?" I say tears streaming down my face.. He looks at me.. And nods "Take care of her please.." I nod and smile and hug him.. I then get up and walk into my room.. I see kylie looking at twitter.. Shes mouthing things like "Slut whore ugly fat bitch go die.. your worthless" and tear falls down.. I sigh and grab her phone I tell her to pack and get dressed.. she packs up and gets dressed and so do I.. We go to the air port.. good bye londan.. Hello Ireland

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