Over agin

Brooke is just a normal girl who knew they boys for a long time.. but they went to the ex factor and forgotten about her.. She ends up reuniting with them and having fun.. but in the end what has gotten into the world what will happen but notheing will ever be the same for her one...


25. R.I.P

*9months later*

Brookes POv

I come home from work.. I go up to my room to get my work done.. They guys are at work making a movie "1D 3D" haha I love them.. Stela is in her room asleep I finshes My work and fall asleep..

*2 hours later*

I hear screaming So I wake up I see the lights out the power not working I call Zayn.. He didnt answer.. So I call Paul (bold is pual

Hello.. Paul this is Brooke

Hey brooke is everything Ok..

No plz come over

10 Mins later Paul pulls up and comes into my room with a flash light.. He turns back on the lights and we check on Stela.. I see her on the bed with a note

She hadnt paid me so I told her What I would do ~ A

Shes Dead I cry into Pauls arms and call 911 They come over and put her in a body bag..  I call Harry and he comes over and he cries into my arms.. I cry with him and the rest of the boys look over at the note.. Harry punches the wall I jump and pull him away he Snaps at me "Its all your fucking fault!! YOU DONE THIS YOUR SUCH A WHORE!!" I didnt do it i say crying and running as far as I can get from here.. Zayn grabs me and holds me soon a van comes and Says THAT BITCH NEEDED THAT IM A!! I look fast and see her ex. Jef Tub

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