Over agin

Brooke is just a normal girl who knew they boys for a long time.. but they went to the ex factor and forgotten about her.. She ends up reuniting with them and having fun.. but in the end what has gotten into the world what will happen but notheing will ever be the same for her one...


41. Louis and Kiyle

Louis POV



I know you guys havent heard from Kylie in for ever but Me and Her are doing great are daughter Rachel is growing up and she is so tall and she is only 10! Kylie had to go on a bussiness trip so I have to watch her.. But she is my sweet baby girl.. Me and Kylie are engaded (idk how to spell it) -.- I havent told anyone since she isnt back yet.. she should be back tommorow!! YAYYY!! Its been like 2 Years :( I miss her so much.. The boys tole me to move on But Im not!!! She is coming back she texted me.. I love her so much I cant wait to pick her up from the air port.. Hug her kiss her hold her..I just love everything about her.. She brigtens my day.. Even when its HELL!!!  I love her so much

I miss her I feell so alone!! Like forreal...





So guys imma do cupdates on each couple and person.. So if you guys dont know my cousin Karissa died.. and she slept in my bed since she got kicked out of the other place by her ex So her 1 year old daughter Karson probley knows Karissa's gone.. And Karson slept on my bed with Karissa so when karson comes in my room she says momma and she cries.. </3 I put her on the bed and she tottaly freaked out I miss Karissa R.I.P


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