Over agin

Brooke is just a normal girl who knew they boys for a long time.. but they went to the ex factor and forgotten about her.. She ends up reuniting with them and having fun.. but in the end what has gotten into the world what will happen but notheing will ever be the same for her one...


61. Kylie

Louis POV

I text Rachel and she is coming home!!! I think? Im worried about her since Justin isn't the relationship type... It sucks..

Nialls POV

My phone rings and its Justin.. All I can think about is Rachel! Is she okay? is she mad? I like her but they wont approve.. of me and her.. "Hey Niall!!! Use what I just did." Hey half yells.. Im scared I don't want to no.. I just do.. I was cut off by Justin saying "I used Rachel for her sex!!!" He starts laughing.. I feel the anger rising and rising.. making me madder and madder!! I storm out and go to justins house and he opens the door.. I punch him under his jaw and in his stomach I kick him on the ground and start kicking him.. I stop when I hear a sweet voice.. Rachel.. "N..i.al..l" She says all weak.. I run to her and hug her..Im sorry he did that to you.. I whisper.. she is crying so I hold her.. Im 20 and shes 16.. :( "Niall age is just a number, right?" she asks I nod "then this shouldn't matter she says" Im confused?? Next thing you know her lips are on mine.. are lips moving in sync.. I lick her bottom lip for a entrance.. and she lets me in..  after a few minutes we pull away.. and I grab her hand and we go home.. and she goes and talks to her dad..

Rachels POV

"um dad.. Can we talk?" I walk into my dads room.. he looks up and nods. and smiles.. breath I tell me self.. breath.. "what is it sweet heart?" He calmly asks I take a deep breath. "I like" I got cut off.. by dad saying this" hunny its okay if you like Justin" I shake my head "I don't like him.. I like someone else.." He nods and I say "Don't yell or get mad.. because age is just a number.. like how you and mom went on.."  he says " Of coarse love if you really like him and he likes you then ill be okay with it!" He smiles.. I say "Niall.." He looks at me with anger.. and I feel the tears forming and he points to go to my room.. I run in their and cry.. someone knocks on my door and they come in.. it wasn't who I wanted it to be.. but it was Elenour..

"hey love is everything alright?" I just nod.. and smile.. she nods and walks out. I just need Niall I cant take this pain.. I walk out of my room and grab Niall by his arm.. Everyone looks at me.. but I look away.. and we go in my room.. and I start to cry.. "No babe don't cry its going to be okay? Louis has time to think about it.. I promise it will be okay".. I just cry more.. and he holds me.. I look up at him and laugh..  he wipes my makeup and I lay my head down in his lap.. he plays with my hair.. and I start to doze off.. but then..


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