My life

this is real this is the story of mine life enjoy a look behind my life :)


1. FML

Today was a fudge day been bullied abused all day bullied by the high school kids abused by my mom and dad i am thinking thinking from running to my firend simmy (Simran sorry chucha i know) i want to move in with her in Londen i am saving money for it so yeah who know i could escape this madhouse (see what i did ther huh?)

but i really want to i really dont like it i broke out crying in school the only people who keep me strong are 1D,Little Mix And the janoskians i really thank them for it just have this feeling nobody needs me but some people actaully need me i thins so........... i broke down twice my friends Joy,Simona,Sarah,Marga and my best friend Ruwena came running to me i told them EVERYTHING every detail also that my mom once cutted me yeah she did she came home drunk isnt thath lovely so this was my first chapter and the first day i ever told you bye Love you allxx

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