How music makes me

How can you know what love is all about, if you have never loved before. Music was and still today everything to Hannah. Yet when music and love crossed paths for Hannah one summers day, how did she manage to cope. For the girl, the woman, the mother, and soon to be Grandmother, Hannah reveals how her knight in shining Armour rescued her.


1. The summer that changed my life



Summer 1942. It was the summer that had changed my life, and it included the thing that i cherish in my life most. Music. Despite this sounding rather strange, music was, and still to this day, not just a sound to me. Neither is it a way of being acceptable to dance around in the middle of a shop when i hear my favourite song. It is as if music flows through my whole body. Starting from my toes and wriggling it's way up as if it were a worm. It is my one chance to just let all my emotions out at once and allow my feet to tap to the beat and start to shake my hips in time with the rhythm. Who needs anything else except for the passion of jazz as the saxophonist slowly changes the tempo of his latest improvisation, or the guitarist who swiftly places delicate fingers on the next fret and something new is then created. I thought music could never be compared with anything else until that day. Music was separate, it could never be associated with something as common as human emotion. Oh how i was so wrong. How would i know that on that day, my mind would suddenly be changed like the transformation of a few lines from a verse into a new song. The day that i met my future husband.

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