How music makes me

How can you know what love is all about, if you have never loved before. Music was and still today everything to Hannah. Yet when music and love crossed paths for Hannah one summers day, how did she manage to cope. For the girl, the woman, the mother, and soon to be Grandmother, Hannah reveals how her knight in shining Armour rescued her.


3. My knight in shining armour


 Most of my days were spent outside busking, trying to earn a living.Whilst busking, i had met a few people in my life that were similar to me, like the family that i  had never had. Some wanted to make it big, have their names known across the world, where as most just do it to let people for an instant capture the emotion that we feel whilst playing and hopefully be able to share that emotion and unite as brothers and sisters.


That's when i met him. A bit ironic really, how i had always instructed myself that love and music should never cross paths; and yet on that day both our paths crossed. My few friends that actually understood me when i was young , and did not judge me on my life, but talked to me because of my personality, had without me knowing at the time  signed me up to a singing competition at one of the local pubs that was actually half decent. As i lived in Brighton, the sea side resort, every summer hundreds of family's flocked to my hometown like migrating birds, so it was not surprising to see on that day  the pub crowded with little children carrying buckets and spades excitedly squealing, whilst teenage boys and girls nervously giggled  to one another. Parents were  shouting at the children to be careful and not to pick up everything they see, whilst grandparents looked out the window simply watching the world pass. All this added to the claustrophobic  atmosphere, when i sluggishly stood up in front of the audience, about to do what i did best. To sing. I never used to get nervous before or during a performance, but just as i was about to go on stage, something caught my eye. Lurking in the corner of the pub i saw him. I had to do a double take to make sure i was not dreaming.

Even now looking back, it still sounds cheesy. But without this boy, man, husband and soon to be grandfather, my life would never have been complete. This is how it all began...

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