Ill change my mind

Sophie is kinda bullied by Harry well they hate each other a any rate. Will they stay hating each other? Will they become friends? Will they become more then that? Read to find out!!!


6. Chapter 6

I fell onto the sofa, exhausted after doing my run. I could use a nice shower. "Have a good day?" Dave asked from the kitchen.

"Yes sir," I called back, smiling as I remembered the day. Hanging out with Harry alone was actually great. I laughed silently at how awkward it was when we were actually friendly.

"Anything new?" Dave asked. I made my decision and walked into the kitchen.

"Sort of," I told him. He looked at me, silently telling me to go on. "There's this guy," I started.

Dave narrowed his eyes. "No, Dad!" I told him with a laugh. "Just friends. Actually, more like enemies. Frienimies, to be exact."

"Frenemies," Dave repeated slowly. I nodded. "I will never understand teenagers. Go on."

"Well, I'm confused," I said, ready to confide in Dave. "I mean, one second, he's really sweet. Calling me pretty in his own way, holding my hand." Dave raised an eyebrow. "Then he insults me. I can't really tell when he's being serious."

"Do you want this from a like dad's point of view, or a guy's point of view?" Dave asked.

"Both," I said.

He nodded. "As a father figure, I'm going to say stay away from him," Dave said, causing me to smile. "As a guy, I'm telling you that he's not sure what to think of you. He likes you, obviously thinks you're pretty, but he's worried about appearances."

I nodded. "Harry's is in the popular crowd."

"Thanks Dave by the way Paige is coming around soon"

"Okay I'm cooking now. Go think about your love life problems somewhere else. I feel weird talking about emotions with my step-daughter," he said. I chuckled and went off to shower.

I considered what Dave said. If that was true, then was Harry lying when he says hurtful things? Or is it simply to keep up appearances? I know that you could ask any random person at our school, and without hesitation, they would tell you that Harry and I despised each other. I mean, yes, we fought. All the time. Obviously Gemma thinks that Harry likes me, and if anyone knows Harry well, it'd be his sister.

I mean, it wasn't a secret that Harry was good-looking. One might even dare to say that he was hot. He wasn't lacking in the muscle department, but at the same time he wasn't overly buff. Harry had pretty eyes, something I had realized before. Even if his smile could seriously irk me sometimes, I knew that he wasn't bad-looking. And no matter how rude he was to me, I wouldn't be able to forget small moments where he was nice.

"Why am I even considering this?" I questioned out loud, annoyed. I turned off the shower and started drying my hair, frowning at myself as I looked in the mirror. "You will stop thinking about this," I said to myself, giving a pep talk. "Harry Styles is a jerk, no matter how mildly attractive he is. Drop it, Sophie."

However, as I was saying it, I knew it was a futile attempt. Harry styles had officially gotten underneath my skin. I sighed and pulled on some black leggings and a baggy plain white top. I started on my English homework 
Until Paige arrived. 
"PAIGGGEEEEBUM HEY" I yelled as I opened the door for her
"Hey Sophie who's that?" Paige said nudging her head to the side, I looked where she was pointing with out making it obvious I saw a cute boy in red jeans and a stripy top he had brown hair and blue eyes. "He's Louis Tomlinson I think" I tell her as she walked in 
"Oh well he's really fit" I laughed at her bluntness "yep you two would be great together" I say 
"I know right!" We sat on the sofa and I told her all about the Harry issue she found it hilarious and told me to just see where it takes me.
"COMING" we yelled and went down stair. 
Me and Paige watched Pitch perfect since we'd never seen it before when it was done Paige said she had to go home.
I fell on to my bed and fell into a dreamless sleep. 

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