Ill change my mind

Sophie is kinda bullied by Harry well they hate each other a any rate. Will they stay hating each other? Will they become friends? Will they become more then that? Read to find out!!!


4. Chapter 4

His warm hand was on my cheek. I looked into his eyes, and I saw that the sarcastic glint was gone. This was the nice Harry. This was the Harry I didn't want to murder. I closed my eyes and leaned into him.

, we realised what we were doing. I stopped leaning into him and he retracted his hand, shoving it into his pocket.

"I have to go," I told him awkwardly, leaving the room realising the door was open . I searched for Ms. Nimmo, and she raised an eyebrow at me when she noticed my me.

"Hello, Sophie," she said, sounding amused. I blushed, still feeling Harry's' hand on my cheek. I nodded my greeting. "Is something wrong? You look a bit flustered." Ms. Nimmo looked like she was about to laugh.

"Oh, God. Did you see that?" I asked, my face heating up even more. Ms. Nimmo winked at me and I face-palmed. "I don't even know what happened," I muttered.

"Ah, young love," Ms. Nimmo said dreamily. "I remember my first love."

I looked at her like she was crazy. "Uh, excuse me? Love?" I laughed. "No. He hates me. I hate him. We hate each other."
I groaned and went to gathered my things from the classroom and headed to history. I sat in my usual seat and Liam turned to me. "I just wanted to let you know that I'm choosing running. It's always been my favorite. What about you?" Liam questioned.

I shrugged. "I was thinking I'd go with running. I mean, it's the only sport I know anything about."

Liam smiled and nodded. "I'm the king of procrastinators, so if you don't force me, I'll end up doing this whole project the night before," he admitted.

I laughed. "Well, maybe we can meet up sometime and just get it out of the way. If we don't, I may forget," I told him. "You can even bring Danielle if you'd like to," I offered.

He smiled. "I don't really think thats a good idea," Liam said glumly looking down at the floor

I frown. "Why?! Are you okay?."

"Sophie promise me you wont tell a sole," Liam said, looking off in the distance. I nod a little "I swear" and Mrs. Evens got the attention of the class. Liam turned around in his seat.
"Well Danielle is sick of people making fun off are relation ship and being mean to her, also she says its like we've not been seeing each other as much so she kinda called it off" he whispered a tear falling down his face that he quickly wiped away I gave him a side hug "Liam there's plenty more fish in the sea" I said jokingly trying to cheer him up before any one noticed he let out a small laugh and shook his head.
"You could always bring Harry" he said smirking I blushed
"What why would I do that?"
"You seem to be friends"
"No no were not" I explained him
"Ahhhh course de Nile just ask him or I will were close friends you know"
"Fine ill ask him tonight"
Liam flashed me his award winning smile "great"
"We will meet tomorrow night okay at the fields near your house I believe" he said as we were getting ready to leave the room.
I walked to my car, honestly a little pleased when I saw see Harry leaning on my car . I pushed the random feeling down and strolled towards my car . I pulled out my phone and I was reading my missed calls list when a tap on my shoulder made me jump out of my skin. I turned around. "Gemma?" I asked.

"Hiya. Me, being the wonderful, annoying big sister that I am, wanted to let you know that Harry was up all night yesterday because of you. Or so I think. And I also believe he had a dream about you," Gemma told me.

I blinked. "Uh, okay. How do you know?" I asked.

She patted her temple. "We're basically twins. I can read him like a book. Plus, today, I mentioned that you were the only girl he really talked to. And then I said that you were pretty, and he cleared his throat. He always does that when the conversation topic is uncomfortable with him," Gemma explained, quickly. I was trying to take in all this information, but he was talking at lightning speed. I heard some one telling me to hurry up.

I glanced to my car and saw harry with his arms crossed . "Gemma, mum is going to kill us if we don't get home," he said. I blushed a little at the sight of him, remembering what all Gemma told me.

Gemma gave me a parting smile. "I'm pretty sure my brother wants your body," she said, running off to her friend. That truly did not help my blush. I waited for it to go down and walked to my car
"I'm guessing you want a lift"
"Yup come on" I started the car and pulled out off school
"So you know Liam"
"Yes him"
"Yer he's one off my best mates why"
"Well were doing a project together and he told me to invite you"
"Sure.....what's it on"
"Tomorrow night filed behind our house"
"Okay ill be there"

That night, Dave and I had a movie night. We loved Disney movies, and we watched my mother's favourite, Cinderella. As soon as it was over, I told Dave that I wanted a pet mouse.

"You just think because gus is cute," dave said.

"Exactly why I want one!" I told him, smiling. He shook his head, grinning.

"I better get to bed, Sia." I smiled at the sound of my nickname. He messed up my hair and sauntered off to his bedroom. "Love you!" he called.

"I love you too!" I said. I turned off the TV set and all the lights that were left on. I walked to my bedroom silently, realizing how tired I was.

As I laid down in bed, I smiled to myself, thinking of everything that'd happened today. I'd gone from hating Harry before school, being his friend again in music, to leaning into his hand in music aswell. And at the end of the day, I'd heard from his older sister that he dreamt of me, and stayed up late due to me. I was a little uncomfortable with all the attention, but then again, I liked it.

I liked the fact that Harry lost sleep over me. I thought that it was sort of funny.

I liked the fact that he dreamed about me. And I couldn't help but wonder just what happened in his dream.

I liked the fact that he held my cheek. That's why I leaned into him.

I loved the fact we could act like idiots around each other.

I hated that despite all of the trouble we have, I can't help but notice the way his eyes shine when he's said something funny, or the way he smiled at me.

I sighed and rolled my eyes at myself. I'm one screwed up girl.

"Dave!" I yelled, pushing him. "Dave! Get up!" I shouted. I groaned out loud. He's so hard to wake up if he doesn't on his own. "Dad! The kitchen is burning down !" He didn't even shift. "Dave, the gym is on fire!" Dave sprang up in bed and started freaking out. I smirked.

"It's not really on fire, Dave. I was just trying to wake you up," I told him. He sighed in relief and scolded me for scaring him. "Yeah, yeah," I said, "just get ready." I smiled at him and left the room, heading to mine. I got ready quickly, throwing on the first thing I saw in my wardrobe not even putting on make-up due to the lack of time. I'd used about thirty minutes trying to wake up Dave. I frowned at my reflection. I looked really bad without makeup. I sighed in defeat and got my bag. I picked up my mobile and shoved it in my pocket.

"Bye, Dave!" I called. He answered me and I jogged out to my mini and honked the horn waiting for Harry to come out he ran out and I set off to school, probably speeding a little.

I arrived at school in fifteen minutes as opposed to my usual twenty five. Just as I entered the doors, the bell rang. I rushed to my locker and got my math binder and my math book. Just like the clumsy person I am, I dropped my math book on my foot. I cursed and picked it up, hurrying to Mr. Toop class. I has just got I the classroom when the bell rang. I sighed in relief and took the last open seat. Just my luck, it was behind everyone's favourite styles sibling.

He turned around in his seat. "Miss me?" Harry asked.

"In your dreams," I shot back. He blushed for a second and I smirked, remembering that he dreamed about me. "What was it about?" I asked.


"The dream. What was it about?" I repeated.

Harry stuttered for a second before turning back around and not answering my question. I laughed. "I cannot believe that I just made the almighty king of confidence, Harry Styles, stutter. I may just write this on my calendar," I said, impressed with myself.

"Shut up, Fletcher," Harry grumbled. This only made me laugh harder. We had a sub today, so we had about a thousand problems of bookwork written on the board.

"Attention!" our substitute yelled. She was old and extremely grumpy looking. "You will do these," she said, gesturing to the board. "You may pair up and work together, but there will be no talking." Harry snorted. "Something you what to say?" the substitute asked rudely.

Travis leaned forward. "Well, would it really be working together if we can't talk? We'd just be looking at each other's papers and cheating. And I'm pretty sure cheating is bad," Harry said casually.

The sub went red in the face. "Are you talking back?" she demanded.

Harry shrugged. "I'd prefer if you called it, 'Harry outsmarting a teacher', but whatever works for you," he said. I rolled my eyes. Was the kid asking to get detention?

"Report to the office!" she shouted. Harry stood up and stretched, casually walking to the door as if it was routine. I rolled my eyes again at the thought of that. "You too!" she said, gesturing to me.

"What did I do?" I asked, a little more impolite than I meant to.

"For being rude! Just both of you, go, now!" she yelled. My classmates were stifling their laughter, and I knew it wasn't directed at us. I knew they were laughing at the grumpy substitute. Harry held out his hand.

"Come on, fletcher. Shall we journey to the oh-so-scary heads office?" he asked sarcastically. I smiled at him, laughing at the way he was mocking the sub.

"We shall," I told him, accepting his hand. Everyone laughed at the show we were putting on, and we left the room before the sub lashed out on us again. As soon as we were out of the room, I started laughing. Harry joined in. We started walking. Without me even noticing, Harry had intertwined our fingers. He walked right past the office. "Wait, I thought she told us to go to the office," I said.

"She did," he replied.

"And we didn't go why?" I asked.

He smiled at me. "Since when do I listen to teachers?" Harry said, attempting to look cool. I laughed.

"So, where're we going?" I questioned.

"Well, I was going to go sit in my tree house. You're welcome to join me," he offered.

"In your dreams," I said, just so that I could watch him blush again. I chuckled and he dropped my hand.

"Um, sorry," he told me, just realizing that we were holding hands. I was a little surprised myself. Holding his hand felt so normal that I didn't even notive. I shrugged it off.

"Was it a good dream?" I asked him as we continued walking towards the park. He ran his hands over his face and sighed. "Tell me! Tell me!" I urged.

"No," he replied firmly,
"Please?" I begged. He shook his head.

"Trust me, Fletcher. You really, really don't want to know," Harry said.

"Was it disturbing?" I asked.

"Some might say that. You probably would," he told me. I frowned.

"I'll find out one day," I told him. . He eyed them cautiously, but ended up letting it slide. I looked him up and down. I couldn't help but notice that his bright green shirt brought out the colour of his eyes.

"I like your shirt," I said, without thinking. "You should wear green more often."

Harry gave me an odd look and smiled at me. "Uh, thanks." I nodded. "You look pretty when you wear purple," he said, causing both me and him to blush.

There was an awkward silence and I laughed. He raised an eyebrow. "It's weird when we're nice to each other," I explained, still laughing a little falling back on to the cold wooden floor off the treehouse .

He grinned. "I'm glad you feel that way, too. Back to hating each other?"

I smiled. "Of course."

We messed about on the tree house a bit more before the bell went.
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