Ill change my mind

Sophie is kinda bullied by Harry well they hate each other a any rate. Will they stay hating each other? Will they become friends? Will they become more then that? Read to find out!!!


3. Chapter 3

I don't know why in the world I apologized to her.

Like she deserved my apology! I rolled my eyes at myself and I turned over in my new bed. I couldn't sleep for my life. And it was over Sophie Fletcher, no less.

I thought back to our middle school years. I always remembered Sophie as the nerdy little girl who liked playing instruments. She was the only middle schooler who actually enjoyed sining lessons. I laughed a little. She'd changed so much. I remembered how she used to wear trackies, even when kids picked on her. Even when I picked on her. I frowned.

Why do I even insult her in the first place? Every thing I say is false. Especially when I tell her that she looks bad, even in the slightest she was beautiful really. I twitched a little, shocked at my own thought. Gemma would be happy though she was always getting on at me for calling girls hot or sexy not that Sophie wasn't any of these things. I'd been tossing a turning all night.

, I Eventually, I drifted off, my thoughts still lingering on the sixth-grade trackie wearing girl.
In my dream, I was with Sophie..

As in, dating Sophie .

And We where kissing her.

And I was loving it. A lot. Like a lot alot Because I was shocked, I pulled back.

She looked confused. "Something wrong?" Sophie asked.

I hesitated before shaking my head "I-I love you" i whispered before bending down to kiss her again. I felt her smile and I'm pretty sure I did the same.

"I love you,to" Sophie told me.

The weird thing?

I wasn't even slightly surprised.

"Wake up!" Gemma shouted, jumping on my bed.

"I'm up!" I groaned. Gemma kicked my leg. I really hated mornings sometimes. I had a weird dream,come on give me a break.

"Come on, Harry!" She said, leaving my room. I reached out and grabbed
Some clean boxers , and stood up, stretching.

"I got first shower," Gemma called, running down the hall I wasn't fussed since I had had one before I went to bed .

"Kids? Are you up?" my mother called.

"Yes, mum!" we chorused.

"Breakfast in ten!" she announced. I took a quick shower and threw on the first thing I picked out of my wardrobe. I strolled down the stairs, plopping myself into a seat at the table. Mom placed some pancakes before me and I thanked her.

she worked as a manager at the local shop down the road. She was constantly reading books about travel . She had listed her top 10 countries she wanted to visit, America being number one. Mom always dreamed of going there but simply couldn't afford it.

Gemma walk down the stair, knocking my out of my thoughts. SHe was wearing I was glad she wasn't one of them girls that slapped on loads off make up and wore really short skirts just like Sophie. Mom walked holding out a plate of pancakes to her. Gemma accepted them and sat down at the table. She walked over to us and ruffled our hair.

"Well, I have to get going. See you two after school?" Mom asked. We nodded and said our goodbyes.

"Why were you up so late?" Gemma asked, the second Mom was out the door.

I shrugged. "Uh, couldn't sleep," I told her unconvincingly.

"Really?" She asked skeptically. I nodded. SHe sighed. "Whatever I can tell that something's up." I glared at her, clearly telling her to drop it. "I'm so not letting this go. I will find out," she assured me. I finished my breakfast and walked back upstairs.

I went to the bathroom and splashed some water on my face. I was losing it. Dreaming about Sophie Fletcher? How low were my standards? I could her faint singing coming through the window I listened closely they where singing You can be the prince and I can be your princess
You can be the sweet tooth I can be the dentist
You can be the shoes and I can be the laces
You can be the heart that I spill on the pages
You can be the vodka and I can be the chaser
You can be the pencil and I can be the paper
You can be as cold as the winter weather
But I don't care as long as we're together
I instantly recognised it as perfect two they where really good singers I couldn't see who it was though because the curtains where drawn oh well ill find out soon

"We're gonna be late!" Gemma yelled. I answered her and glanced in the mirror one last time, messed up my curly hair and picked up my backpack. I swung it over shoulder and jogged down the stairs. Gemma was holding the house keys and I snatched it from her. She sighed in defeat new house she said. You can have the keys she said. Gemma muttered
"Come on mums took the car to the garage well have to walk" I told her she sighed

"I will find out. I'll creep at you all day long until I find ! Anyways, I'll figure this out. Is it a girl? She asked . I sighed loudly. "What?" Gemma asked.
I shrugged
"Well, you don't have a girlfriend, or even talk to any girls really. Besides that one girl... What's her name? Sophia? Gemma asked.

"Sophie," I told her. "Sophie Fletcher"

"Damn, bro! You already know her last name?" he asked. I rolled my eyes.
"She's really pretty you know" I clear my throat we walked out the house and I locked the door I man in his 30s? Was outside in his front garden picking strawberries he waved and we returned it. "Are you to off to the comprehensive school?"
"Yep" I replied he nodded
"If you don't want to walk my daughter can give you a lift if you want" he told us
"I'm fine I promised my friend who lives down the road I'd walk with her but Harry you can" Gemma replied
"Sure if its okay any thing to get out off gemma and her friends talking about well girl stuff" gemma whacked me on the back laughing.
"Okay you can either come round in 5 or just wait in side"
"I gave Gemma the key so can I just come in"
"Yer that's fine" he said leading me to a living room?
"Dave where did you put my phone" a familiar voice yelled
"It's on the hall way cabinet" he yelled back
"So harry?" The man asked
"Yes sir"
"Oh call me dave um how you liking the new house?"
"It's great my rooms bigger"
"Hahaha yer that's what Sia said"
"Oh that's my step daughter" he explained I nodded
"Styles" angry voice said "what the hell are you doing here"
"Oh Dave asked if i wanted a lift so I agreed" I said looking her over she was wearing she looked really pretty "come on then" she said pulling on my arm she waved to dave and I copied her action I sat in the car and gazed out the window thinking about the girl next to me. It truly puzzled me is how I could have strong dislike for some time. But I've been having Moments when I realise that Sophie's is actually gorgeous. Moments when I see how much she cares for the music she produces, and if it was her singing this morning she really is talented.. Moments when I think that maybe, just maybe, I could deal with her. When we worked together in music yesterday, I didn't even feel like I hated I felt like we where old friends. I smiled a little, remembering how bad she'd been blushing when I removed the string from her hair. It'd hurt my feelings that she'd recoiled from my touch, but I didn't know why it bothered
me so much. It's just Sophie.
"What's got you in la la land" Sophie asked me
"Ummm nothing" I said
"Well you where frowning, smiling rolling your eyes what where you thinking about"
"So what you doing today after school"
"None of your business"
"Umm hot date?" Genuinely curious. Okay not that much but I wanted to know,!
"Humm jealous" Sophie asked, her eyes twinkling with amusement.

I blushed. "Um, no?" Urgg that sounded like a question. She laughed and turned the radio on tuning in to capital a song she like obviously came on because she started to car dance and sing along it was I knew you where trouble. I sniffled a laugh and she blushed "sorry I forgot you where there for a minute"
"Hahaha it's fine Sia" her blushed deepened then 'boyfriend' came on she gave me a look and we both just sang and car danced along to it. We got to school we had music first so we made are way to the class room separately of course I couldn't be seen with Sophie my rep would go down the drain.
I entered the classroom, people already heading out to the music rooms. "Come on, Mr. Stlyes," Ms. Nimmo told me. I nodded and threw my backpack down at a random desk before exiting.

Suddenly, someone was yanking me by my lanky elbow. Just because I'm on the football team, does not mean that I'm all muscular honestly, I'm on the bench all year normally. I noticed that the yanker was Sophie, and I stopped resisting. "Come on!" she said, pulling me towards a room. "If we want to get the song started, you'll have to move a little faster," Sophie told me.

I started using my feet to walk rather than be dragged and we entered a empty room. I smiled and started to sit by a microphone. It was one of first time I'd ever felt like I was good at music I'd only done it because it seemed easy and Sophie was here. To tease Sophie was her for me to tease nothing more or less. I glanced at Sophie, who was smiling at the piano. "So, you know we're partners for the whole year, right?" I asked.

Sophie sighed. "Yep. I guess we'll have lots of time to work out our problems," she grumbled. I grinned and found myself studying her. She notice and raised an eyebrow. I cleared my throat and we started to discuss the project we decided to do a remix song so it was original but we wouldn't have to do to much work. After we had planed are idea we just talked about are favourite songs. I found out we had a similar music taste

I smiled and touched her cheek. I stayed silent for a second, honestly thinking about the dream. I pushed the thoughts away and brought myself back to reality. I retracted my hand as soon as I realised that I was basically cupping her cheek and I awkwardly shoved it in my pocket.

At that point, I noticed she didn't push my hand away.
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