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Sophie is kinda bullied by Harry well they hate each other a any rate. Will they stay hating each other? Will they become friends? Will they become more then that? Read to find out!!!


1. Chapter 1

I walked out to the fields, putting my iPod on shuffle. I started jogging around the filed, as I did every morning. I sang a long in my head to take that . right now, it was five in the morning. I woke up early so that I could go for my 4 mile run and check my animals. I have 2 cats, and I've had them both for five years or more. After I ran round twice, I practically skipped to the kitchen to see Ralph and Henry.

You see, my mum never wanted Cats in the house. It could be because they make mess.It could be because she doesn't like them . I honestly don't know. However, after years of begging and pleading with my step dad who loves cats to death , mum caved saying it was only because she was only here half the time she was gone . Ralph was pitch black all over, Henry was a turtle cat.

I picked up there food from it's usual place on the ground and started pouring it in my apples. Although the temperature's were low, I felt completely warm out here. The fields were my one true home. I began to pluck apples from the lowest branches, letting my mind wander.

My step dad was pretty much the best I could ask for. He didn't try to replace my dad, or act like I wasn't his really his child. He always stuck up for me when me and my mum where arguing like the cat incident , besides he loved the fields almost as much as I did, my real dad died of cancer. I'd seen a few pictures of him, and we had a striking resemblance to each other. Mum told me that I was just like him. He was a runner but Also a book worm and loved Disney just like me.

Ralph biting my leg brought me out of my day dream I glanced at the clock. I blinked. It was already seven. I started ran upstairs and got dressed in to I entered the kitchen. "Dave!" I called
"I'm up!" he yelled. It can be really hard to wake him up on mondays because that's the day with his earliest shift Put 2 slices of toast in the toaster. I put my hair in a sidebraid and applied some make-up. And went to butter the now toasted bread I started up the coffee maker. "Sophie, can you–"

"Just did, dave!" I told him. I grabbed my bag and made my way to the door "BYE DAVE SEE YOU TONIGHT" I yelled up the stairs "BYE LOVE YOU" he replied For a forty year old, dave was pretty well in shape. Hours of working in the gym gave hard muscles, and he had green eyes. Dave hardly ever yelled in anger. He was a very good cook apparently he went to egg school but I not think that's true.

I headed to my car, throwing my books in the passenger seat and sitting on the drivers' side. My car started straight away. This car was I birthday present my sixteenth birthday. It was a White Mini Cooper.

I followed all the speed limits and driving rules as I went to school, occasionally waving at people I recognized. I live in Holmes Chapel. We're a village near Cheshire

Holmes chapel comprehensive school, is the only high school in the area unfortunately.
Harry Styles

He's the most awful, meanest man whore I've ever met. And he's goal seems to be making my life horrible. The most annoying thing about him is when he apologies. It's like he's truly sorry. If he was sorry, he wouldn't keep picking on me.
I pulled up into the small parking lot, picking a spot far away from the doors. I grabbed my books out of my passenger seat and locked my car. I took a deep breath and walked through the double doors, making eye-contact with no one praying they wouldn't notice me. I made my way to my locker and started to put in my combination.

When someone fell onto the locker next to mine. "Looking terrible as ever, Sophie ." I rolled my eyes, knowing who it was without even looking.

"Whatever Harry," I said emotionlessly.

"No need to be so mean, honey," Harry said, giving me a wink, i wanted to punch him for calling me honey.

But I didn't. I grabbed my books and walked away from him. I heard his friends laughing behind me, and I knew they were picking on met hey always do. I sighed, annoyed and entered my first period class. It was math, which I love. I plopped into a seat near the back, so that people couldnt look at me with out getting told off, I opened my math folder and got out the homework we got given over the weekend. I started to write my name at the top, as I had that I had forgotten, but it was taken from my hand.

"Aw I thought it was going to be a letter saying you love me but you are leaving forever and ever ," Harry said, laughing a little.

I rolled my eyes "right. You're the last person I'd write that letter to oh and I not moving so dont get your hopes up ," I responded. I ignored the cute smile he gave me showing off his dimples WAIT CUTE?! No it wasn't cute at all however . It was begging me to smile back, so I looked away.

"Oh, please. We both know you've got it bad for me." I rolled my eyes again but couldn't help thinking what if he was right? He put his index finger underneath my chin, forcing me to look at him. "Are you wearing make-up?" Harry asked. "Just to let you know it didn't help'."

Wow rude much, but I continued to stare at the board portending to ignore him. "My work," I said, not even glancing at him. Harry laid it on my desk and I resumed to writing my name. I couldn't help but let out a loud and annoyed sigh as Harry sat next to me. "Why?"
"What, be this sexy? If that's what your talking about , then yes, yes I must cant help it" he said. I could tell by his voice that he was smiling.

"No. And you aren't sexy. Not even in the slightest," I told him.

"That's strange. You sound like you're trying to convince yourself plus your always staring at me," Harry said

"Yep because I feel pressured by you staring at me," I said through gritted teeth it was true he was always looking at me.

"Of course, Sophie ," he said. He touched my hand for a second and I moved from his touch, I could swear I saw a bit of hurt. But it went before I could make sure,. I was trying to think of something to say, but Mr. Toop saved me by entering the classroom.

"Sorry I'm late class. Just do the problems on the board worksheet. And then we'll move not to something else," Mr. Toop said, putting on a slide on quadratic equations that to me where so easy a 5 year old could do it. I set to work, and I saw Harry looking at me every couple of seconds.

"What?" I asked him, whisper yelling.

"Nothing!" he said back, defensively.

"Obviously it's something! You were staring!" I accused.

He laughed . "Yup you seem to really get this and I don't," he said, copying my work . "I wouldn't be able to stare without having the sudden urge a puke."

I opened my mouth to reply, but Mr. Toop stopped me off. "Both of you out I dot want you disrupting me class," he said in a monotoned voice. Only then did I notice that both Harry and I were standing very close, I turned and nodded at mr toop and walked out the class room.

I closed the door behind me and sat on the floor, next to some lockers. I took a deep breath. Harry stepped out of the door and sat beside me. I moved away from him. "Leave,me alone" I told him quietly.

Harry shuffled next to me, but I stood away. "No!" I said loudly. "Stop!"

"Sophie, listen–"

"No! I don't want to!" I exclaimed walking to the other side of the hall. I falling over in the process I heard Harry laugh so I gave him my best death glare.

"I'm sorry," Harry said still laughing The look in his eyes was sincere that I wanted to believe him but I didn't. .

"I didn't mean any of it," he explained.

"Right so you make my life hell why..." I trailed off, shaking my head.

"Shut it styles," I said, cutting him off. He sighed and stood up.

"I am sorry."

"Whatever." Harry shook his head, and walked down the hall i went back to the classroom. He couldn't just go and say things like that. Make my life hell, then apologise. Just because you say you're sorry, doesn't mean you mean it.
I sat down in my chair when sir had finished explaining the task he came up to me "where's Harry"
"Don't know sir he just walked down the hall"
"Okay since you are a good student ill let you off just never again okay"
I nodded and carried on with my work when the bell went I jumped out my seat and practically ran to music.

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