Really me?

A girl named Molly has a wild adventure when her dad gets kill in a car crash her mum killed her self social services want to take her in to care she spent one day in care and hated it so she runs were will she end up



It 4 am in the morning, police sirens are so loud. KNOCK KNOCK, what the hell it's 4 in the morning want do they want... When I get to the door to my surprise there are two men in uniform standing there they have explained that my dad has been kill in a car crash and my mum is in intensive care it took about a our half an hour to sink in that her dad is DEAD!!! When I realized what has happened I felt a tear dancing down my cheek I stayed In bed what felt like forever my wavy brown hair all over the place the police stayed with me for a little while waiting for my aunty to arrive because they can't leave a 14year old alone In grief. When my aunt arrived it was about 5:45am I demanded to go to the hospital to see my mum all she did was nod her head stood up and left the house I was still in my PJ wishing I had stopped my parents from going to that wedding party I grabbed my red body warm and left to go to the hospital with my aunt it was awkward silence the whole way i did kind of like it that way I had time to think when we got to the hospital I saw my mum in a hospital bed with all drips in her arm bandages around her head and a mask, I felt miscible my aunt burst in to tears what shall I do?

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