Really me?

A girl named Molly has a wild adventure when her dad gets kill in a car crash her mum killed her self social services want to take her in to care she spent one day in care and hated it so she runs were will she end up


2. Mum?

The day that mum for out of hospital she was acting all weird. That night me and mum was sitting in the living room watch old Videos of dad. Mum and I were in tiers she told me she was going to the kitchen to calm down well I can understand because her and dad had never had a argument and they was together since they were 19 soul partners, my mum has Been a while so I better go and check on her as I walk to the kitchen I hear packet rumbling I was getting panicked when I got to the kitchen I saw mum shoving tablets into her mouth I screamed as I saw mum fall the ground her face was pale her breathing stopped I grabbed the phone and called 999 when the ambulance got her they all had a worried look on there faces. They told me that my mum had took a overdose and has past away?! What?...
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