Really me?

A girl named Molly has a wild adventure when her dad gets kill in a car crash her mum killed her self social services want to take her in to care she spent one day in care and hated it so she runs were will she end up


4. Leaving

"Molly," She said to me, as she walked up to me. She hesitated, my expression wasn't pleasing, I had heard of what social workers do, they seem nice and caring but when you show any signs of emotion their phoning up every foster family they can find. "Do you understand what has to be done?" I nodded although I didn't want to, I had been through enough already, with my mum and dad both gone, I didn't want some couple, who look about sixty with a kid at six years old wants to foster me, and expect me to call them mum and dad.


"Come inside, I have made tea." Gran said. I reluctantly walked inside and sat on the sofa. I sat still, I was in shock, a social worker had come to take me away, thats enough to scare a kid for life. " Now Molly, we are very sorry about your parents, if theres any thing we could do to..." " Well there isn't, do you honestly think there's something you could do or say to change what's happened?!" I went to walk up the stairs to the spare room, " Molly! " Gran exclaimed. I knew what I had done, I had embarresed my gran in front of the police and the social worker. I wasn't proud of it if thats what you think, but put yourself in my position, you would have said the same.


I walked back down and sat on the sofa once again, " Now then....." . The social worker explained to me that my gran was unable to look after me, and that it wouldn't be goodbye, I would have visits, and could phone her when ever I wanted. It wouldn't be the same, gran was always over our house, when mum and dad was here.....


I found a tear trickerling down my cheek, "Molly?" I shook my head, I became focused. " Yes, I do." I replied. " Okay, i'll be round at five, two hours time." " Wait what?! " I hope I heard wrong. " Five, i'll be round, be ready." I heard the door close, I didn't understand, five?! Gran walked in and sat beside me, she put her arm around me. I leaned against and cried. " It's okay,

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