2015; Stargazer (The Freelance Army)

Two years after a powerful Earthquake, strange things are beginning to happen; Disappearances, attacks and other things beyond explanation. For Sarah and her best friend Megan, contending with these newfound 'abilities' is difficult, but when they end up running for their lives with people they barely know, things can only get more complicated.
Who are the Hornet Agents that seem to follow their every move?
And is there something darker lurking beneath the shiny town face?


2. Part One (It Begins)- Chapter Two



Mr Loft; our tediously self-obsessed and nauseatingly boring English teacher rambles on about nothing of any importance or relevance. Nothing is anymore. Lessons are controlled by the Government. The Government only set up schools like this to reduce Youth crime. Feeding us information we'll never need to keep us from robbing shops and old ladies. I know because my Dad was part of the strategising team. He left shortly after to work in advertising. He didn't tell Mum why, but he told me. He thought that I was mature enough to understand. He doesn't like Megan's dad either.

Despite being the daughter of one of the most important figures in Politics, Megan really doesn't care about school either. I mean, even now as Mr Loft begins to actually centre in on an objective for today's lesson, she's on her phone, texting one of God-knows-how-many friends.

"He's watching you, y'know". I murmur. Megan looks up briefly, for just long enough for Sir to see her looking back at him, then returns to looking at the phone in her lap.

"Let him". She smiles back.

Suddenly Mr Loft is hovering over us.

"I'll take that thankyou. You can have it back at the end of the day when you have your detention". He says coldly, snatching the phone away from her and carrying back to his desk.

"Now that I have taken away Miss Rayne's distractive device, I shall continue with my lesson. Please get into groups of three and create a piece of writing on power. Go".

Megan reclines in her chair and sighs boredly.

My classmates begin to get into groups at lightning speed, but Megan continues to just sit there patiently.

Soon there's no-one left. Well no-one except the boy sitting in the far corner of the room. Christian.

I glance at Megan then turn my attention back to Chris, gesturing for him to join us. He looks at me for a second, before grabbing his bag and walking over to sit at our table.

"Are you kidding me?" Megan whispers, to which I just turn to her and smile.

Christian pulls up the chair next to mine and smiles slightly. He's as awkward as us then.

"So...power. What are we going to do?" He prompts, glancing between Megan and myself. Megan shrugs uncaringly.

"Umm...I dunno. We could do something on a Politician? Actually, no. That sucks".

"How about someone becoming someone powerful? Like a King or something?" I suggest. Chris hesitates for a second. I'll take that as a no.

"You can say no. I've never been good at this stuff". I smile kindly. Christian smiles back, then runs his hands through his messy brown hair.

Countless boring, stupid and just plain weird ideas later, we are no closer to finding a good plot for our writing.

"I think I have it..." Christian mutters, looking up at me.

"Go on?"

"A completely unsuspecting boy wakes up one day to discover he has superpowers..."



Megan lets her chair touch the ground with all four legs, then watches me for a minute. They both do. Both staring at me with curious and interested expressions, so powerful that it's frightening.

They retract their gazes briefly to exchange a look of their own, silently conferring. If anything that's more unnerving than the staring.

"We don't have to do that...I mean, it was only a suggestion..." I find myself stumbling over my words to defend myself.

Sarah smiles sweetly at me though, tipping her head slightly to one side.

"I like the idea. I think it's clever".

"I don't care what we do. He took my phone". Megan mutter coldly, not looking at anyone in particular, but staring out of the classroom window and on to the perfectly symmetrical courtyard below.

"Ok, so...someone has a power..." I start. Sarah nods briefly, resting her head in the palm of her hand and drumming her fingers against her lips.

"They could find something out that they're not supposed to...like a plot or something?" Megan pipes up, still not looking at either of us. Something tells me she's not very invested in this lesson. Sarah glances briefly at her friend before turning her attention back to me and nodding.

"Awesome. Ok, so what's their name?"

She pauses for a second to think, moving her hand away from her chin and running it through the increasingly large chunk of hair that's falling down the side of her face.

"How about Luca? We don't need a last name". She suggests, shrugging coolly to show that she doesn't really mind.

"Sounds good to me. Ok, so what power should Luca have?"

Again, Sarah looks at Megan, who this time looks back. There's a brief flicker of a smile, but any trace of it quickly disappears when Sarah turns back around.

"How about invisibility?"



Christian and Sarah are busy scribbling away in their school books. Why do they even bother? There's no point to these lessons. There's no point to making up some stupid story that Mr Loft will probably only skim read because he's so damn busy looking in the mirror all the time.

How is it fair that he gets to use his phone in lessons and I'm not?!

He's supposed to be teaching us, not finding out the score on whatever sport he's interested in.

How is it fair that he's allowed to do that and yet I'm NOT allowed to help cheer up my friend who's pet just died?!

It's not. That's the thing.

It's not fair. This whole system sucks.

It's not really that difficult. Just give me my phone back so I don't have to kill you in my head!

I feel an elbow jab me in the ribs and am brought back to my senses. Sarah's looking at me very carefully. I look her in the eyes and focus. Maybe she's trying to tell me something.

"Maybe thinking about it isn't the best idea". She suggests without moving her mouth.

"Shit. Could you hear me?" I reply.

She nods once and I find myself mouthing an apology as subtly as I can, determined not to think it just incase.

"So, what have we got so far?" I ask out loud, pretending to take an interest in the project for once in the lesson.

"Well, our character Luca is our age. One morning he wakes up to discover that he can turn himself invisible. He goes downstairs to freak out his parents but instead walks in on them discussing a secret plot to assasinate the Primeminister, and that's when his power shuts off, because he wasn't focusing on it". Sarah grins.

I grin back warmly and say;

"Sounds good, but don't you think it's a little unrealistic".

Sarah's expression is gold; a mixture of fear, confusion and amusement. If I didn't have the practiced willpower, I'd burst out laughing uncontrollably.

Out of the corner of my eye, I catch Christian looking at me too. There isn't anything amusing about his expression, infact it's quite the opposite. He looks confused but at the same time there's a knowledge in the way he looks at me that sends a chill down my spine.

Did he hear me?



My eyes are fixed on Megan.

She was in my head. Just a minute ago.

I could hear her. Thinking about her phone.

How did she do that?

DID she do that?

Was she in my head?

Or did I just imagine it.

The things I heard...they were so personal.

Like her friend's pet dying.

I could feel her emotions. Angry. So angry. But at the same time so tired and upset.

It's really that important to her.

I have to do something.

Without really thinking about it, I raise my hand. Mr Loft spots me and heads over to our desk, crossing his arms across his chest and staring down at me. He looks angry. Very angry. Like we've ruined his day by calling him over.

I hope this works.

"What is it, Miller?" He sighs boredly.

I look up at him and smile as calmly and as nicely as I can.

"Sir, I don't think you're in a bad mood at all. Infact, you're in quite a good mood. You're in such a good mood, that you're going to get Megan's phone out of your desk drawer, give it back to her and forget all about the detention you are yet to issue her with. Understood?"

Mr Loft nods understandingly and turns, almost robotically in the direction of his desk.

I turn back to the girls and catch them watching me, not unlike the way I'd watched Megan after hearing her think.

"How the hell did you do that?!" Megan breathes, fear hanging on the end of every word. I give her a half-smile and recline in my chair.

"Meet me at Alexandra park during Break...I'll explain then".

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