1d prefences

Comment your ideas please


2. your first kiss


you were at the mall shopping and you bump into this sexy curly haired guy it was love at first sight you say sorry and he says no its my falt and you guys fight over that for a while till he just leans in and kisses you and you guys kiss for a while then you pull back and  say call me maybe and then you hand him your phone number and then you guys kiss again


it was your guys first date you were cooking a big meal because you guys both love food and when you were done setting the table you heard a nock on the door it was Niall you let him in he thanks you and you lead him into the living room were you guys sit down you guys stare into each others eyes for a log long time until Niall slowly leans in with a smirk on his face you smirk back and lean in faster so you guys lips meet he pulls away and says im starving you smile then lead him into the kichen


You were at disney world and you were getting off the rock n rolling coaster and you see a very handsom sexy guy standing there he says hi and you say hi back you felt very dizy and you felt like throwing up he must have noiticed that because asked whats wrong you said you felt sick he picks you up bridal style and brings you ti his hotel he lays you down on the bed and ask if you need anything you nodded and said yes a lou or a bowl or anything i can trow up in he carrys you into the bathroom and you throw up in the tolit he wipes you off with tolit paper and he smiles and kisses you you smile back and say thank you


it was your second date and you were going to the movie theaters you were watching toy story three it was the end were Andy gave away woody and he cried you snuggled up in his arms and said its alright honey then he said no its not while he is still crying you smile at him and kiss his lips then you pull away ans say now are you better he nodded his head yes


you were at the hair salon and you were done you walked out side and bumped into this sexy guy he smirked and said sorry you also said sorry and you were about to leave and he grabs your waist and said you are beautiful and i was wondering if you were free friday you nodded and then he kissed you

_____________________________________________________________________________________________sup how are all you peoples i hoped you liked 

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