1d prefences

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1. How he deals with you on your period

Your at the house and your in bed crying and he goes up to cheack in you he sees your mody and your stomach hurts he goes up and said what wrong baby you yell WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU THINK he says calm down baby and he intertwines your fingers and he kisses you passionately and you calm down after the kiss

Your on the couch and you scream HARRY he rushes in and says whats wrong you say period and says baby calm down and you yell I CAN'T he kisses you and you say I could try and Harry says awe that's my girl and kisses you once more

Your watching a movie and Zayn comes in and says hey babe do you want to go out later and you yell NO IM A LITTLE BUSY ON MY PERODE he says oh well want to watch some tv and you scream IM NOT IN THE MOOD and he kisses you and intertwined your fingers and says now do you want to watch the movie he said you shake your head yes and kiss him again

It's morning and he went in there to wake you up and before he could you say Li please get out I'm not in the mood he says period you shake your head and he says want to watch toy story to get your mind off of it you say yes and he carries you down the stairs onto the couch and he kisses you and says I love you

You where at the mall with Louis and you start groan Lou says whats wrong babe you say my period he picks you up and carries you to the car and brings you home and lies you down and kisses you and says love you
Hi it's me sorry Louis kinda sucks but that's it for now
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