Demon Thoughts

Young, wild tempered, outcast, Rhea was born into a life of trouble. For as long as she remembered she's hated everything people have put her in, and always had unconcious thoughts ordering her on what to do. They protect her. But it had never been enough. Now she has the chance to get back. There are creatures that's shes never known lead the life she'd kill for. But love comes tripping her up.


2. Chapter Two

  Chapter Two


"You idiot! She's a child! She's too weak!" the eldest snarled at the rest, the tall female paced back and forth beside the transformation ground.

  All around was dark, the grass a dark green but the tips brushed with moonlight. Th trees of the forest seemed holding the pack of immortals, protecting them from unwanted threat.       

  "She's stronger than the other adolescences, she's a Demonborn" another replied ti the leader. His eyes deep violet, with a mane of platinum blond hair falling into them. His skin a snowy white and lips faintly colored an icy peach.

  The eldest arched her perfect coal eyebrows, "Is that so? They're so so rare now a days..." her words trailing with her thoughts. She crushed her hand over the freshly dug soil.


  "Yes?" the blond raised his head, a frown appearing on his face, knowing the order he was going to receive.

  "Guard the child, and be sure that she is prepared in three days. There will be an attack."

  Mercrutio nodded, and sighed as he sat beside the burial ground also running his hand through the dirt.

  The rest of the pack turned to leave with the leader disappearing into the trees.

  This kind of behavior was unusual for the pack, for any pack; to leave only one member to guard the transformation. Especially one of a demonborn, the strongest kind of human that had more chance of surviving it. A Demonborn was born with the thoughts of Tython's spirit, the god of all evil. This spirit would would protect the child till the time of the transformation to come. Once the transformation had ended the Demonborn would still have thoughts, but this would instruct more. Instruct to balance the good in the world, balance the good with evil. It was needed for something this rare to not be disturbed.

  The only exception is an attack.

  The shape-shifters had discovered the clan.



  I've been in the dark room for what has felt like hours. The pain in my head had faded, but to replace that panic had rose in my chest. It smelled damp, of water that had lay in puddles for too long. The stone room was unbelievably small,  though I could only see a dim outline, the walls felt like they were closing in on me. Trapping me here.

  God, I have to get out.

  Stay calm, my child.

  Calm washed through me. I could see what he was trying to do, I let him. I curled myself onto the cold floor, it was damp like the moisture that clung to my clothes.


  And I drifted into unconsciousness.


   A scream pierced my ears. It was loud. Too loud, deafening me. I silently begged it to stop. Shut up! As it continued to scream. Please... Then I realized the scream was my own. It was coming from me, but why? I don't know. I shut my mouth shut quickly, and the noise was immediately cut off.

  Why did I do that? I whispered into the darkness of my head.

  Pain will come, but be strong and it shall not affect you. He answered.

  What? Why? What are you -

  And it shot through me. A tearing pain seized my chest, my lungs, my heart. My body screamed in protest as it shot through my stomach, punched and stabbed at it. Then burned through my sides. My shoulders ached, then pain thundered down my arms.

  "WHAT THE HELL?!" I screamed, the pain ripping through me, "WHAT DID YOU DO TO ME?! MAKE IT STOP"

  It hit me more, every where it touched it left in its path flames.

  Why did you do this? I moaned to him.

  The pain was slowly fading away from me.

  Why would you let someone do this...What''s going on...? I continued. I tried shifting my body but there was a weight pinning me down to where I lay.

  Where have you gone?

  My mind cleared and I could feel him again, he was here. Thank god.

  The process has finished. It is complete. Now you will truly live, and serve me.



 ~ Writer's Note: I think there might be too many different sections which aren't long enough. I'm going to try working on making them a bit longer as well as the chapters. If there's any other problems, please tell me! Thanks for reading ~




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