Demon Thoughts

Young, wild tempered, outcast, Rhea was born into a life of trouble. For as long as she remembered she's hated everything people have put her in, and always had unconcious thoughts ordering her on what to do. They protect her. But it had never been enough. Now she has the chance to get back. There are creatures that's shes never known lead the life she'd kill for. But love comes tripping her up.


1. Chapter One

Chapter One


  "Stupid, stupid, stupid." I growled darkly to myself, shoving my hands into the pockets of my khaki jacket. I walked out into the chill of the night, and onto the lamp-lit street. Following the pavement 50 or so yards, I turned down another road. This one lined with old wooden pubs, and sleazy bars.

  The typical smell of burnt out cigarettes, and stale urine hung in the air. The faded sound of pumping music gave a kick to the regret gnawing at the pit of my stomach.

  "Stupid git" I muttered at the pain. Trying to replace the angry pain into just pure anger. This way I would never get hurt again. I knew I had failed as soon as I felt cold tears trickle down my cheek. I wiped them away quickly, smearing black eye make-up across my face. I growled, trying to wipe that away too but gave up.

  Then I heard the words I've been longing for all night.

  "Rhea! Wait, please I'm sorry" his words echoed through the streets, and over in my mind, trying to understand.

  Ignore him, he told me. I obeyed, walking away from him without a glance back.

  "Rhea!" he yelled again. I heard foots steps thud at a fast pace towards me.  "Please...", he was right behind me now, . I felt a hand grip my shoulder, and swivle me around, "Let me expain..." I pulled away from him.

  "You don't need to explain anything" I spat, and walked away. I heard him follow me more.

  Leave him. Run.

  "Leave me alone!" I screamed, and ran into a near by alley way. Icy air flew past me, and something hard hit me in the face.




  I find myself slouched against a brick wall, pain pounding in my head. I groaned, as looked into the room filled with darkness.The groan echoed through the hollow room. I pulled my eyes, one ached from blow.

   What should I do? Help me get out..they can't kidnap me. You know how to help, you always do... I beckoned him. Him. My voice. My protector.


  What? So I get raped or killed- or.... my mind span through the possibilities.

  Stay. Obey the commands, it is meant to be.

  This was not him, he protected me. . . always my shield, but he still is. There has never been doubt. I could never distrust his velvet pur. His perfect energy, dark, mysterious. His soul. Him embroidered in me. Always mine.

  Yes master.

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