Backstage Kidnappers 2

Now that 1D is safe the girls decide to continue helping missing celbrities. They also must remain anonomous. They come up with code names to help keeping their identities a secret. They now start their new jobs as Celeb Ninja.


3. The Cells

Madi's POV

I fell a cold chill the whole way through the tunnels. I felt as if someone was watching me. Now that we found a room with cells, we knew where to find Kelly. We walked down the hall way for a minute before we knew where Kelly was being held. We walked up to the cell and Kelly ran forward. "Please tell me you're here to resuce me," she said. "OMG! You're Kelly Clarkson!" Bryanna shreeked. "Br-- I mean, Lillie, we went over this," Morgan said. "Right," Bry replied. I looked around for a key. Then I spotted the it. "Found the key," I said. I walked over to it. I checked to make sure there was no string attached. "What are you waiting for?" Morgan asked. "An invite," I said sarcasticlly. "Tove!" Bry said. "You know I don't like sarcasim." "Fine," I said. I grabbed the key and walked over to the cell. I put the key in and turned it.

Bryanna's POV

The door opened and Kelly walked out. I looked around and said, "Where'd the door go?" Morgan rolled her eyes and replied, "Over... There?" The door was really gone. "Isn't this the part where Alex says it's witchcraft?" Madi asked. "Ha, ha," Morgan replied. I walked around the room. There was no sign of the door. "This place defies the laws of physics," Kelly said. "That's what I said. Not fair," Madi complained. Then the ground started to shake. It shook softly at first but got stronger. I fell to the floor and landed on my butt. "Ow," I yelleped. Madi helped me up and a door appearded. Then the ground just stopped shaking.

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