Backstage Kidnappers 2

Now that 1D is safe the girls decide to continue helping missing celbrities. They also must remain anonomous. They come up with code names to help keeping their identities a secret. They now start their new jobs as Celeb Ninja.


2. Secret Tunnel

Bryanna's POV

Everyone heard a noise from the bathroom. We rushed over and saw Madi holding a bar of soap and a tunnel. "Cool," I said. "How did you do that, Tove?" Morgan asked. "I picked up the soap," she replied. "You picked up the soap?" Officer Jack asked. "Yep," Madi said. Morgan, Madi, and I headed down the tunnel. I stopped and turned around. "We'll go ask the hotel owner if he knows about this tunnel," Officer Jones said. I nodded and started back down. Then the tunnel shut and this moss stuff started glowing. "How is this possible? We're five stories up!" Morgan exclaimed. "I don't know. All I did was pick up some soap," Madi replied. We walked for a while until we came to two different tunnel. "I got this," I said while stepping forward. "Eany, meany, miney, moe. This way," I said smiling. I started walking toward it.

Morgan's POV

Bryanna started walking into the tunnel on the right. "You're taking the tunnel on the right?" Madi asked looking into it. "Yep," Bry replied. "Fine," I said. "That settles it... we're going to the one on the left." Madi and I started heading into the tunnel. Bry kept going into the one on the right until she noticed we were going the other way. Eventually we found a big cave. It had lots of light and three doors. I walked over to the one on the right and walked in. Inside was a cave and I saw Bryanna and Madi. "Cool," Bryanna said. "This place defies the laws of physics," Madi said. "Okay so it's not the door on the left or the right... It must be the middle door," I said. We walked into the door and saw unground cells. Instetly, we knew where Kelly was.

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