Backstage Kidnappers 2

Now that 1D is safe the girls decide to continue helping missing celbrities. They also must remain anonomous. They come up with code names to help keeping their identities a secret. They now start their new jobs as Celeb Ninja.


1. Next Mission

Morgan's POV

We put our suits on under our clothes and jumped into my car and headed to Morgantown. When we got to the highway, I turned down the radio. "What was that for?" Bry asked from the back. "We need to talk," I replied. "About what?" Madi asked. "About us being the ninja. I think we should keep that a secret," I said. "Easy enough," Madi said. "It can't be that easy... Can it?" Bry asked. "I think we need code names. I call being Alex," I said. "Saw that coming... I'll be Tove," Madi replied. "Ooh, can I be Lillie?" Bryanna asked. "Sure..." Madi replied. "Yes!" Bry cheered. "Also when I said keep it a secret, that means from everyone. Even your parents," I informed them. "Got it," they said at the same time. When we got to the hotel I passed it. "Morgan?" Madi asked. "Well I can't make it obvious," I replied. "Good point," Bry agreed. I drove up behind McDonald's and we hopped out. We went inside and to the bathroom. We went into the stalls and came out wearing our suits. Mine was hot pink, Madi's was pale grey, and Bryanna's was dark orange. We jumped out the bathroom window, put our clothes in the car, and went to the hotel.

Madi's POV

We went to the hotel and jumped up the window ledges. When we got to the room the police were investigating we slowly opened the window and snuck in. Bryanna shut the window behind us and we slowly moved to where the police were. We must have startled them. "Who are you guys?" the woman asked. "We are the ninja. I'm Alex and this is Tove and Lillie. We are here to help," Morgan said. "Sure. What make you think we believe you?" the man asked. "Listen, we were the ones who saved the band called One Direction at the concert couple days ago," I replied. "Prove it," the woman demanded. "I knew this would come in handy," Bry said as she pulled out a note from One Directon that said,

Dear Ninja,

Thank you for saving us from that maniac. Now you have our autographs and graditude.


Niall, Liam, Harry, Louis, and Zayn

"How come you got to keep it?" I asked as the police officer read it. Bry just smiled. "I guess that proves it," the woman said. "I'm officer Jones and this is my partner Officer Jack," she added. "We think that the person who kidnapped Kelly Clarkson got in using the fire escape. Then he took her out using the same path," Officer Jack said. "But there were no signs of a struggle," Morgan noted. "That has us puzzled too," Officer Jones said. I walked over to the bathroom. I noticed that the tiny shampoo and conditioners were knocked over on the counter. I walked over to the sink and picked up the soap, which had a string tied to it. Suddenly, a secret passage opened.

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