Goliath and Brazeedas

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  • Published: 25 Feb 2013
  • Updated: 25 Feb 2013
  • Status: Complete
Goliath had his city torn to shreds after Brazeedas of Athens stole it's resources. He embarks on a quest to take revenge, enlisting the help of his friend Septimus. But with the Gods watching and not in their favour, why did Brazeedas attack Sparta? And what secrets does his wife have? Monsters and fairytales roam as the Gods unleash hell on the one who doesn't pray...


21. We Will Meet Again Soon


Stone podiums and pillars held up a lava burnt cracked ceiling. Septimus pulled out his dagger using a sweating hand, as goliath held his sword that was lended by the one who Hades favoured.

“Septimus, he have to do this.” Jagged rocks littered the floor and the cracks spat light and small sparks of fire.

“Hades! Face us!” As he spoke, from cracks in the ground, blue smoke sprouted and a dark figure began to form.  A pale white face emerged, with long sharp fingernails and piercing eyebrows. He wore a cloak with spikes sprouting out from the shoulders where thick leather padding lay covering and protecting the old Gods skin.

“Hades.” Septimus and Goliath gasped.

“Shut your lips warriors, why do you defy the warrior of Athens?”

“He destroyed my life and home, what do you expect?”

“Well, I am  a God, I will live forever, I can re develop, and live again.”

“You selfish cow!” Septimus glared, “Why do you side with a killer?”

“Because, he is what I am. I am a killer, and he is one of the only humans apart from Perseus who stood up to my brother, who banished me into dark and misery.”

“Zeus sides with us Hades,” Goliath boasted, “You are just weakened by us.”

“Weakened, weakened. You have laid a curse on this earth Goliath, we will meet again soon.” Then the podium that Goliath and Septimus stood on shot up through the ground and fastened to the stone.

“What the hell just happened?” Septimus stirred. Persephone reached out her hand to Diolace and the flowering ivy twisted around her wrist and in twined with the silk on her dress. She disappeared through the cracks in the ground. Everyone stared as Diolace fell to the floor clutching her throat and coughing.

“Diolace!” Goliath shouted, but before he could come to her aid, she pointed wearily as Brazeedas saw his chance.

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