Goliath and Brazeedas

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  • Published: 25 Feb 2013
  • Updated: 25 Feb 2013
  • Status: Complete
Goliath had his city torn to shreds after Brazeedas of Athens stole it's resources. He embarks on a quest to take revenge, enlisting the help of his friend Septimus. But with the Gods watching and not in their favour, why did Brazeedas attack Sparta? And what secrets does his wife have? Monsters and fairytales roam as the Gods unleash hell on the one who doesn't pray...


26. The Key


In Hades lair, the news of Brazeedas’s death, reached him and Persephone. He sat in his fiery stone chair with Persephone pacing around him.

“How! He defies me! He bragged of his riches and war like charm, and now he lies dead with metal out of his throat.

“Hades, just leave it, Goliath is no threat and Brazeedas the liar is dead. All is done, all is the same.”

“He shall be punished, I will send him to the depths of Tararus!”

“There, send him and forget about it.”

“I will take away the thing humans cannot live without. Water.”


“I will build a room where over years the water will collect, leaving only one cup of water on the Earth.”

“What if Zeus seeks to destroy you?”

“Then I will build a lock, and create a key.”

“Where will the key be? Should a God create it?”

“It is already created, and they, or she wont be able to use it until they are 18.”


“Brazeedas’s last leaving of what he left. The child”



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