Goliath and Brazeedas

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  • Published: 25 Feb 2013
  • Updated: 25 Feb 2013
  • Status: Complete
Goliath had his city torn to shreds after Brazeedas of Athens stole it's resources. He embarks on a quest to take revenge, enlisting the help of his friend Septimus. But with the Gods watching and not in their favour, why did Brazeedas attack Sparta? And what secrets does his wife have? Monsters and fairytales roam as the Gods unleash hell on the one who doesn't pray...


23. Opportunity


As before the walked around in a circle knees bent as if sitting on nothing.

“Are you going to make this move?” Brazeedas enquired.

“Why? Will this interfere with your plans?”

“Plans to kill you quickly, yes.”

“Dream on.”

“Maybe the dream of a dead Diolace will really come true.”

Brazeedas gnashed his teeth and laughed as an angry and screaming Goliath moved in for the kill, Brazeedas charged again and Goliath stuck his foot out, but Brazeedas saw it coming, he swerved and ducked under Goliath and made a deep cut on his left arm. Goliath winced and saw Diolace shaking. Suddenly he was motivated to dig and dig swords through Brazeedas’s cranium. As Goliath became lost in thought, Diolace lifted a shaky, pointed finger and as Goliath slowly turned, he saw Brazeedas charging and his sword straight and true. Goliath ducked, and Brazeedas swung around, Goliath cut Brazeedas in the stomach and ran backwards. Goliath led Brazeedas to some stairs, and stood waiting. Brazeedas again charged, but at the last second Goliath jumped out of the way. Brazeedas stuck his sword into the stone, and Goliath charged, Brazeedas let go of the stuck sword and applied his fists to Goliath. Brazeedas began to kick and punch Goliath hard in the face. Goliath stumbled and fell rolling down the sharp stairs, cutting and grazing himself as he fell. Goliaths sword left his fingers, and was placed a metre away. Brazeedas ran down the stairs and when Goliath lay still Brazeedas began to kick him in the stomach and then in the face.

  “Argh!” shouted Goliath, as Brazeedas kicked dirt in his eye. Brazeedas looked down on him like he was a god. Goliath looked to his right and saw a dying Diolace, she reached out a finger, which he knew he couldn’t reach, but as he tried Brazeedas stuck his foot onto a newly broken wrist.

“Argh! Brazeedas! You wicked malignant cow!” Goliath winced and squeezed is a eye tight, as if to hope it would reduce the pain.

  “Face it Goliath, you are too weak. Give up now” Brazeedas smiled, and grabbed Goliath by the hair and lifted him up, he through him to the ground like a rag doll, and then picked him up for even more fun. He began to kick and punch Goliath all over the body rapidly; Goliath began to lose consciousness and air. As Goliath was thrown again, he was close enough to grab his sword and create deep cuts inside the approaching Brazeedas’s ankles, cutting them deeply. Brazeedas screeched in pain and fell over. Goliath used all the strength he had to get up and cut his Brazeedas’s forehead. Brazeedas began to limp away, up the stairs crawling at quite a speed. He bent his sword and screamed as the force took so much work. He pulled his shortened, jagged cut sword out of the also jagged stone.

   “Didn’t like that did you?” Goliath cackled. Brazeedas stood up holding onto the boulder, he wiped his bleeding lip, as Goliath ran to him. Brazeedas pushed his sword against Goliaths, gnashing their teeth at each other’s teeth at one another, faces so close together that they felt that if they had a dagger ready, they could get the other in the eye. Brazeedas kept parrying Goliaths un-thought out attacks. Brazeedas was trained, Goliath wasn’t, Brazeedas looked like he would win, Goliath did not. Goliath began to think and broke away from the attest sword lock and kicking Brazeedas in the stomach and pushing him back. Goliath knew this latest plan may not work, and if it did not, there would be 4 dead people, Diolace, Brazeedas, Diolace and from what he had heard, Brazeedas’s child. Goliath decided to go through with it and charged back up the stairs to the arena, and as he had hoped Brazeedas slowly but surely followed, limping and crawling behind. This was his and his moment to strike…

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