Goliath and Brazeedas

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  • Published: 25 Feb 2013
  • Updated: 25 Feb 2013
  • Status: Complete
Goliath had his city torn to shreds after Brazeedas of Athens stole it's resources. He embarks on a quest to take revenge, enlisting the help of his friend Septimus. But with the Gods watching and not in their favour, why did Brazeedas attack Sparta? And what secrets does his wife have? Monsters and fairytales roam as the Gods unleash hell on the one who doesn't pray...


25. Legacy


Septimus and Diolace went back to Sparta, and took Goliaths body with them. They buried him together and ruled Sparta as brother and sister. They had one heir, Brazeedas’s child. She was a girl, Dradima they named her. For years and years, the haunting story of a battle won yet lost stayed unforgotten and with Diolace and Septimus, and the story was passed down to Dradima. Diolace’s love was dead, and so was her weakened heart. They built a statue of Goliath, to remember his courageousness, and his story lives on, as Goliath and Brazeedas.

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