Goliath and Brazeedas

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  • Published: 25 Feb 2013
  • Updated: 25 Feb 2013
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Goliath had his city torn to shreds after Brazeedas of Athens stole it's resources. He embarks on a quest to take revenge, enlisting the help of his friend Septimus. But with the Gods watching and not in their favour, why did Brazeedas attack Sparta? And what secrets does his wife have? Monsters and fairytales roam as the Gods unleash hell on the one who doesn't pray...


2. Goliath


Goliath sat, tormented, angry and afraid of what would happen now. Would the Athenians leap out and decapitate him? Would his mother be drowned or his family be murdered. He waited for someone to come knocking and soften the blow of guilt and pain. For it was him who had angered Brazeedas to make him come to Sparta and cause so much damage to those who had done nothing. His short brown hair quivered, his legs shook, and his heart trembled. As he had then expected, a bedraggled and bereaved man stumbled into his house, with blood spilt all over his hands.

“Septimus, my dear friend,” Goliath stated weakly, “What have they taken?” he hung his head in fear of what he had done, and what he hadn’t.

  “Life, they’ve taken my daughters life! Slit her throat like she was a fat pig! What can I do now? My life is cursed and so is this land, why did Brazeedas come to torment us anyway? What have we done to deserve this?!” his black hair swayed in his face, “Damn, him! May all the Gods curse him, and tear his soul apart and burn his flesh! Zeus, anybody, Hades, hear me!” Goliath knelt beside him.

    “You know the Gods favour Brazeedas, this is our fight, and we are Spartans, we must take a fight to him and crush him. Where is he located?”

  “I don’t know!” Septimus wept, “I don’t know! Goliath my daughter! Dead when I woke up from the stench of ash from across the street! They murdered her!”

  “Septimus,” Goliath yelled, “Where?”

   “It, it is too late, they are overseas, back to their wretched homeland, they, they are long gone.”

   “We cannot let that man with blood on his fingers trample over us, he is the enemy, we are the innocent, we have to travel and take what he took from us, and leave what he left behind.” Goliath’s eyes were deep in thought.

   “How will I get Meg back? My daughter is dead, she is lost. And I will not run over to Athens and turn into such a monster that Brazeedas is. I wont do it! Then I might as well have killed my daughter myself!”

   “We are not, are we? We are not dead and in some fantasy world where only the dead roam?

   “I wish we were” Septimus stammered.

“Is this not real Septimus? We have the power  and weapons and clever and thinking minds to take our victory, show the world our rights, and to take our revenge on that over fed pig? Do we not?”

   “The Gods favour him, we do not have a chance.”

“ We do if we try to make ourselves one”.

“You have lost your mind my friend, you are driven mad by loss and peril!”

“You do not tell me what I think and feel!” Goliath shouted, as if he had been swept away by an angry mob.

“Please, don’t make this harder than it already is.”

“I will tell you what I feel,” screamed Goliath, “I feel guilt!”

“What?” Septimus stood up and his face turned into a twisted confused look.

“The reason, that Brazeedas came hear is because of me.”

“Do not lie to me Goliath.”

“I cannot lie to you, I tried to poison Brazeedas. And, he came hear for revenge. That is why your daughter is dead” Goliath hung his head in pity.

“You have blood on your hands you cursed mongrel!” Septimus began to scream as his best friends and kick the rubble on the floor, “It was you! You were the dirty scum who brought him here! My best friend-

“Septimus please-

“No! No! Enough! Enough! All those years I protected you and you reward my help with death? Really?” Septimus stormed out of Goliaths crumbling house, Goliath ran after him.

“Please Septimus! I leave for Athens tomorrow at dawn! Be there or sit and rot in this dust!”

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