The Flesh of the Murdered

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  • Published: 25 Feb 2013
  • Updated: 25 Feb 2013
  • Status: Complete
A murderer. Soaked in the blood of thousands, his conscious untouched. But he has a gift, and also a curse. Sometimes the Flesh he murders survive, in skeletal form. They roam in the night, needing answers, needing the murderer's blood. Needing the murderer's life essence to become and devour...


1. The Flesh of the Murdered



The skeletal figure stepped out of earth, laid his flesh bitten hand on a crumbling wall, and peered over to see his killer. His empty eye sockets glared at the man in black and blood. The skeletal man sought to defeat, and re-create the murderer dead.


The man in black and blood pulled out a dagger and stuck the knife into the betrayer’s chest.

   “You shall pay for you’re deeds you, argh! You, devil!” She died.

“Oh, Beatrice, you are a suspicious beauty, or rather you were.” He left the girl to rot.  The skeletal figure advanced, to follow the murderer of black and blood.


The murderer advanced to the bar and sat. He picked up his beer, then laid it down and turned to see his first victim and yet, he didn’t know it.

“Spirit, what have I done to you? You’re skeletal flesh hands, your eyes, and you have the dent in your skull like the man I knew, I struck his head and finished his lies of death and torment.” Grabbing the beer glass he shattered it with one hand. The skeleton turned and stroked the dent in his skull. He then spoke in a deathly voice.

“You should only know death and pain, by whom was the one who gave those feelings to me. The murderer buried in black who knew my love, who murdered her in cold blood.”

“I don’t hurt the women of this town.”

“You deny because you are scared of the consequences you must face. The light is the way to follow; you may want to follow the dark, by which you will become lost.”

As the murderer spoke guilt, lay in his head,

the murderer knew one man who would utter those words, he had murdered him. The murderer thought they were lies.

“A strike to the head and that man fell into darkness!”

“That man was me.”

“What?” The murderer was shocked.

“You murdered many a year my friend and I was the first after I told you your fortune.”

“You told me I would be alone and hated! Who could stand that?”

“But I was right wasn’t I? Now I am here to finish you.”

“You won’t defeat me!”

The skeleton flexed his fingers and ran at the murderer his hand clenched in a fist. The murderer grabbed the hand and stared into the non present bloodshot eyes of his dead friend.

“You shall become like me.” The skeletal man bellowed, and with the other hand, grabbed the murderer’s neck and snapped like a twig, it rolled on the joint, as blood spilt. The murderer lay dead on the bar floor, and as he turned into a skeleton, the murderers victim began to grow his flesh back, for they had swapped lives.

“Now I shall become the greatest murderer of all time!” He walked out the door and murdered the town. His first victim, sought to re-create the murderer dead.



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