Pokémon have taken over the world and friends have came together to catch them all in their seperate ways. But there are still teams.

Professor Oak (Professor also Gary's grandfather.)
Ash (Official Pokémon trainer)
Gary Oak (Official Pokémon trainer)


1. In The Beginning.

(It wont let me do Poke Mon all as one word for copyright issues.)





Professor Oak had called Lauren, Roisin, Amelia, Ashy, Monica, Chloe and Brit to his lab to meet for the first time. He had Ash and Gary with him. All the girls knew Ash and Gary which was handy.

"Now youngsters, we are here to talk about poke mon!" said Professor Oak with Ash and Gary nodding their heads.

"What are poke mon?" asked Monica.

"Does anyone here know what a poke mon is?" Asked Professor Oak.

Chloe put up her hand. "They are just like pets but you have to collect them. You use them to help you in tasks and the stronger they are the more helpful they are. You get them stronger by fighting with other pokémon." Explained Chloe.

"Exactly" said Gary and Ash at the same time.

"Ash, Gary choose who you want in your team.You should both have equal people in your team. Take it in turns. Ash you go first." said Professor.

"But Gramps, I never get to choose first." huffed Gary.

"You can go next Gary" sighed Mr Oak.

"Ummm, I choose Brit." said Ash taking Brit by the hand and taking her out of the line.

"I chose you Lauren!" shouted Gary taking Lauren out of the line.

"Ashy!" Shouted Ash lifting Ashy out of the line.

"Amelia!" said Gary and Amelia walked out and stood beside Gary.

"Roisin come on do you think I would leave you there on your own?" said Ash with a grin on his face.

"Moinica come on!" said Gary.


Ash and Gary both looked at each other. They both dashed towards Chloe and grabbed one of her arms each. They both started pulling her in opposite directions.


"She's mine!" shouted Gary!

"No she's mine It was my turn!" squealed Ash!


"Boys, Boys. settle down. Chloe is my student that is why I said that you will both have equal people in  your teams." explained Professor Oak. "This young lady, I knew would be left until last and she can only be trained by the best there is."

"But Professor, do I not get a say in this?" asked Chloe.

"No. As I said you can only be trained by the best and you never know, you could become the best poke mon trainer of all time." said Professor Oak.

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