Chasing Scarlett {Harry Styles love story}

{Harry Styles Love story}
Being the daughter of world famous fashion desingers isn't easy you have to be Perfect with the capital 'p' if you arn't you will send your parent company down hill.
Scarlett has to get good grades,popular and do good in gymnastics and that's way to much for her to handel. Scarlett runs away she wants her freedom and wat's to do watever she wants without being judged. Scarlett bumps in her childhood Bestfriend,Harry Styles.Harry left her wen she needed him the most and Harry would do anything to make things right again even if that meant chasing her around whole London.


1. Chapter 1

Hey guys this my first fanfiction and this might seem boring in the beginning but will get better promise:) so with out further or do here you guys have the prologue.


The boys don’t come in yet this is just so you know and this will mainly be about Harry.



“1,2,3,4 go..” yelled Scarlett’s coach. Scarlett inhaled and raised her hands and did her back-hand-springs on the bar. Scarletts coach clapped and gave her a warm smile as she finished.

“Really good Scarlett now go get dress” Scarlett’s coach,Debby said.

Scarlett hoped off the bar and made her way to the Girl’s Locker room Scarlett and all the other girls who did gymnastic at this school got Gymnastics instead of P.E.

“Hey sky” Lilly Scarlett’s Bestfriend called out walking over to Scarlett.

“Don’t call me sky” Scarlett said really bossy.

“How was practice” Lilly asked her dear BestFriend.

“Great I mastered my back-hand-springs” Scarlett said proudly.


“Hey Scarlett” all the girls said in the Girls locker room. Scarlett was very popluar she was the daughter of Ms.Frost and Mrs.Frost that owned the biggest designing company which meant Scarlett had to be perfect with the capital ‘P’ which meant you hd to get good grades and be perfect at gymtasnitcs and be popular one mistake and Scarlett would be dead.

“Hey girls” Scarlett greeted.

Scarlett walked over her gym locker and got out her outfit for the day she was gonna wear; Whit jeans, and a lime green tank top with some ballet flats.

Scarlett walked over to the shower and putted on medium and watched the steamy water warm-up. Scarlett stepped in as soon the water was all warmed up.The hot water hitted Scarlett’s bare skin sending shiver down her spine.

Scarlett stepped out of the shower as soon she was done with no hessetion Scarlett got her fuzzy pink towel and dried her self off.

Scarlett got in her white pair of jeans and Thank top and walked back to her locker she opened her locker door and looked in the little mirror that was hung up on her locker door. Scarlett got her little make-up bag and startded to cover-up all her inperfections which was a lot that’s wat  Scarlett thought but she really didn’t have a lot. Scarlett pulled out the hair-tie that held up her ponytail and brushed out all the tangles.

Scarlett ran her fragile fingers on her braided Orange bracelet that was giving to her by her BestFriend Harry wen they were 7 Harry is now in a famous  boyband and doesn’t have time for his bestfriend. Scarlett felt a hot tear on her cheek and swiped it away.Scarlett  inhaled she grabbed her purple backpack and closed the locker door and walked to class. “The thing that hurts the most was he left without saying goodbye” Scarlett said to her self on her way to class. Scarlett could burst in to tear any second but she had to be strong.

Scarlett walked in the class room and taking her seat without saying a word some of her classmates found that weird as Scarlett was always the bubbly nice girl that always says ‘hi’ even to the losers and nerds and geeks.Soon the class was full every seat was taken and all that was missing was the teacher.

“Morning Class” Mrs.Nick said walking in the classroom.

“Morning Mrs.Nick” the whole class said really bored. Half the class had P.E or gymnastics before and were really tired that’s why the whole class were really tired and wanted to go home.

Scarlett tried to pay attention but it was hard her mind kept driffthing off to Harry her bestfriend and she had to pay attention she couldn’t get an F for this class all her hard work she did for getthing good grades and being the daughter her parents wanted would go down the drain.


The bell rang with ment school was over. “Finally” Scarlett said softly.

Scarlett ran outside and got in her red mustang that her father got her for her  wen she turned 17 Scarlett couldn’t wait till she got home to ball her eys out and let the good and bad memories come back.

Scarlett drove with such speed to her house she couldn’t hold in the tears anymore.

She parked her car in the drive-way and walked inside her mansion.

“Mum I’m home” Scarlett yelled.

“Hey sweetie I’m going for a business meeting let Mandy make you food okay?” Scarlett’s mum,Daisy said.

“Okay” Scarlett said.

“Aww you’re the best” Daisy said and gave her loving Daughter a kiss on the cheek.

“Mandy I’m home” Scarlett said. Mandy was the house maid and was really close friends with Scarlett.

“Ohh lovely I will be there in a few seconds to make you food”

Scarlett’s parents were alays busy with work and never had time for Scarlett,Scarlett’s mind was a dark place full of crazy idea’s one of them is to run away from all of this Scarlett has no power over wat she does she will always be judged by the pas or her parents or the world. And running away seems like the only way but Scarlett is a good girl and will never hve the guts to do it but right now she wanted to run away really badly. She has everything planned out she will Escape from being Scarlett for 2 weeks she will be a normal girl but in order to do this she must change her looks and name.

Scarlett walked down the hallway that had picutures of her childhood  and her life back in homless Chapel,chesire everything was better there for Scarlett she had a bestfriend and her parents bussniss was only a tiny shop that barely got 10 customers a day.  But wen Harry left without saying goodbye the next day her parents got a call from a desing company and they all moved to London for Scarletts parents to get to work soon the  desing label  ‘pink cloud’ got really popular  it was known for the hip in style cloths they selled for girls and boys (A/n just because the name is pink cloud doesn’t mean everything is pink there) and Scarlett’s parents had to get a company of there own and now they are getthing  more popular by dat and Scarlett had to keep being a perfect princess. Scarlett felt hot tears on her cheeks and walked upstairs to the 2nd floor to cry peacefully in her room.

A soon as Scarlett was in her room she cried out loud she was hurt still hurt from wat Harry did he just left her with no goodbye or anything. Scarlett layed on her bed and rolled herself in a ball and cried. Scarlett rembered all the memories from playing hide-and-seek to sleepovers Harry truly was Scarlett’s bestfriend. They told eachother everything.

Scarlett was ready,ready to run away from all of this and break free.

Scarlett got her notebook and stared to draw some random names on it she had a total of 10 names Scarlett looked at all the names once and piked out her favorite.

“Lola” she said to herself “Lola is a perfect name”

Scarlet walked over to the mirror and looked at herself she had to look different. Scarlett took her contact lens out and putted on her nerdy glasses that she hasn’t put on in ages she pulled out scissors and stared to cut her hair. Her long hair that was till the start of her bum was know a little bit over the shoulders.

Scarlett looked at the mirror but still wasn’t Happy with how she looked she took her glasses and putted some lighter brown colour contact lens Scarlett putted her glasses back on and shot the girl in the mirror a warm smile she was happy with her new look.

Scarlett cleaned up all the hair she let fall on the ground and wanted to give it to charithy. She walked to her closet and got her pink bag. Scarlett putted everything she needed in there from jeans,pants,shirts,coats and blankets. She got her make-up and filled it with enough make-up and her tooth brush and mouth wash. She also added some money she will need and her phone.

Scarlett got a sticky note and inhaled she knew she was gonna get in a lot of trouble. Scarlette got her pink pen and wrote:

Mum, Dad you might know I’m gone by know I’m going to a sleepover for a week or two and I’ll be back don’t get mad at me I have everything I need and I promise I’ll be safe.

~Scarlett xxx

Scarlett read the note ones more and then placed in on her desk were she knew mum or dad or Mandy would  find it.

Scarlett grabbed her bag and opened the window the cold wind hit her on her bare warm skin giving her goosebumps. Scarlett looked down and saw how high up she was and inhaled. Scarlett had a huge fear of heights but now she had to get over it Scarlett pushed her bag down landing nicely on the green grass. Scarlett took a deap breathe and jumped landing softly on the ground.

“Succes” Scarlett said and grabbed her bag and ran off.

Freedom was Scarlett’s for the first time in a long time.

But how long will she have her freedom?

So you guys like? Or not? I wanna know.

This chapter took me a while to write but it was worth it :) :{ (mustache lover)

Bare with me guys I didn’t proof read this but I will wen I get the time.


If I didn’t have homework I would update again but sadly I do but maybe I can update again tonight :)

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