My letters to you.

Chloe finds herself writing letters to her one and only best friend Leah,hoping that Leah hears whats inside her.After Leah's death Chloe had to make really hard decisions and some of them she feels guilty about.But why?Read on and find out Leah's and Chloe's life story which includes One Direction.


1. First Letter

Dear Leah,


Leah i miss calling you LeeLee.Haha.I think I'm gone insane writing letters to you?But to be honest i seriously think i have gone completely crazy.I cant stand life anymore.I just hope that some how you hear what i have to say.My doctor said i should to something to let my feeling out and i thought this may help me.

After your death it was hard.I had to move out of the flat because your smell made me tear up,i through i sow you sitting on the coach once, thats how much i miss you.I still heard your voice echoing and i would sit down by the fire and hug your pillow and talking to my self about you and how amazing you've been.

The boys.Eh now this is the bit which is hard to write down on paper. Zayn left me,he freaked out or i dont know but i called him again and again and he wasn't answering.I went down to his flat one day but he wasn't there.I dont understand what i did but the boys said he was so dull and sad after your death that he took some time off and went to stay with his family.I undestood that but what i didn't get was why did he hesitate telling me.Thats when it hit me, Zayn liked you.Ha how could i have been so blind not to see that.But you were with Niall.I remember exactly that day at the cafe.Right after i got told i got into one of the best uni's remmber?We went down to the cafe to celebrate,but i gave up on uni.Is pointless now that I'm insane.Let me carry on from here...we were ordering when a guy cought you eye.You knew who it was,you were madly in love with him.You started fangirling,and i calmed you down.Thats when he walked up to you and you asked for a photo.He then asked you if you wanted to sit with the lads and you didn't hestitae but i dont think you noticed that he didn't even know i was with you.I was never good for you, you were pretty,popular,clever and funny.The only reason people knew me was because i hanged around with you.And then you sat down and pulled me along not even asking me if i wanted to come.At the moment when you sat down Zayn's face lit and then his perfect smile faded when he sow Niall gently placing his arm around you.And then there was this one time when he was arguing with Niall about who should sit next to you,but i didn't bother talking about it,i just shrugged it off.And once i over herd someone talking on the phone and describing you and telling the person how perfect you were.I knew it was you,the person he was describing and now i know it was Zayn at the phone.Also remember that time when Zayn took you out for a walk,and when i went down to the shop i sow you two wondering around and Zayn attempting to hold your hand.But then again i shrugged it off.I'am not mad because what I did is much worse.I know you wont be able to forgive me.

But now my hand hurts from too much writing and i need some sleep.I haven't had some in a long time.But now that i had let my feeling out i can sleep a little...hopefully.


Love from Chloe.


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