My letters to you.

Chloe finds herself writing letters to her one and only best friend Leah,hoping that Leah hears whats inside her.After Leah's death Chloe had to make really hard decisions and some of them she feels guilty about.But why?Read on and find out Leah's and Chloe's life story which includes One Direction.


2. Confession

Dear Leah,


Now last night i got to the point where i was telling you about the thing which buggs me, thinking that you wont be able to forgive me.Is hard to write down but ehh here goes.


I'm dating Niall. Your boyfriend is now my boyfriend.You see he probably felt sorry for me because i can see it in his eyes that the love he had for you is not the same as the love for me.He just felt sympathy towards me and mistaken it for love.He barley talks to me anymore just 'hello' and 'how you been' and we just hug.I feel like no one really liked me for the real me.I sometimes wonder that maybe if I'm dead people would care more.


Harry and Liam have been here for me tho.Harry come over to me yesterday to check on me and he even made some effort to cook me something to eat.I haven't ate for long and now i was skinny.Ha people cant call me fat anymore.No more bullying like when you weren't my friend.The only reason people stopped hating on me and calling me names was because i was hanging around with you.I'm thankful for that and i want you to know but is too late for me now to say it to you're face but anyways yesterday after Harry left i decided to go down to you're grave and something happened. I felt someones arm on my shoulder but it wasn't anyone.I thought i was imagining but i still felt it there and the scent in the air reminded me of you.I felt your presence and i felt safe and once again i felt like someone was here for me.

I just wanted you to know that i really need you.I need you here with me Leah.Why leave me?Why.I love you,always will.You're like a sister to me.You were and you still are.


Love from Chloe.

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