Who Are You?

Im just an ordinary 17 year old, my name is Morgan Applefield, and my life is a big mess i know that it is odd for a thirteen year old girl to be saying this but it is well this all started when i was 13 years old when i found this site online to talk people without knowing them.. I met someone then we became online bestfriend.
What will happen when she find out the he is.....


2. Chapter 2

I ran up to my room after our caretaker slapped me and i climbed out of my window and started to run to a small park i usually go when stuff like this happens.

The only reason i go here it is because no one really go here its like an abandon park, i usually just sit here and think what i have done to deserve all of this i mean seriously, why did she have to hit me for all i did is dropped the glass on the floor.

I decided to go back before i get into trouble again and go straight up my room. 

Once i climbed into my room i grabbed my laptop and starting to search random things on google and i com to sight with this site where you can talk to random people i clicked on it cause i thought it would be fun .

i created myself a profile

Username: ImmaGirl

and i started clicking random button till i found one who was intresting to talk with.

A= Anonymos person 

LAG= Lilah Allyson Grace


A= Hi!

LAG= Hi , how are you?

A= im fine how about you?

LAG= well im fine if thats a word to describe it but yea im fine thanks

A= oh, whats wrong tell me

LAG= well i have lived in a foster home since i was 13 and well the foster home i am in now isnt the most gentle people in the world.

A= Did they abuse you.. sorry but i want to know, you dont have to tell me though but i would like it if you did :)

LAG= its okay i can tell you, i dont know you anyways so you wont judge me so its okay i just need to tell someone other than my teddy bear haha :$ Well my parents died in a car crash on my birtday when iwas turning thirteen and then i was moved to different foster homes and right now im stuck here.Well since ive moved here they started to abuse everyone in the house....

and yea that basically it now im 16 so ive been abused for 2 years.....

A= Thats horrible.. thanks for telling me :)

LAG= its no problem thxs for listening :), so tell me about u accept for the personal stuff i mean how old are you?

A=Well im 16 to but soon 17 and i love to sing im in a band with somee of my friends so yea,, that basically it. :)

LAG= oh cool your in a band, well sorry for being a part pooper but i gotta go :( same time tomorrow?

A= Aww, okay same time tomorrow bye xx

LAG= Bye xx


Authors note: i am going to post up some more soon ,

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Love you 


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