Who Are You?

Im just an ordinary 17 year old, my name is Morgan Applefield, and my life is a big mess i know that it is odd for a thirteen year old girl to be saying this but it is well this all started when i was 13 years old when i found this site online to talk people without knowing them.. I met someone then we became online bestfriend.
What will happen when she find out the he is.....


1. Chapter 1


Mom please! I didnt mean to, please dont hurt me ,pleease!!    

shut the fuck up bitch 

I felt a burn on my cheek as our "mother" slap me across my cheek.

I live in a foster care home place and its horrific, i mean ive seen the other foster cares and the guardians never slapped me when i did a mistake this small actually they never slapped me. This place is a hell hole and when i mean hell hole then i mean there is actually a hole in our backyard with no end , well i think there is no end to it cause before me and my room mate (who is actually my bestfriend) threw a rock in there and we never herd it thump.

Well here some info on me 

Hair color: Dark Chestnut Brown

Eye Color: Dark chestnut Brown

Name: Lilah Alison Grace

Nickname: i dont like Lilah so everyone calls my Alli or Gracey


So guys this is my other fanfic sorry if its too short i am updating the LFK to so its kinda of difficult. Well once again sorry if its short.


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