Could be or Could it not?


2. OMG!!! ENGLAND!!!


Preci 's POV

I can't believe that I am in the airport one my way to England!!!

What if we get to meet one direction or someone else really famous. There are so many things on my head I can barely think straight. We got on the plane I  kinda feel asleep on the way and woke up just when the air hostess announced  "we'll be landing shortly please fasten your seat belt and raise your seat to its original position. Thank you. Hope you had a pleasant flight. 


I literally jumped off the seat but Becky was there to control me. We got off the plane and we had already gotten our baggages and were waiting for our tour bus to arrive. 

"Do you think there will be any famous people at our hoteL?" Becky asked me.

"I hope so... I wanna see one direction up close so badly and go and tell the entire school that I met them especially Laura. She thinks she's BFFs with the band just cos she got their autograph. Bitch!" i replied.

We got to our hotel and as we walked up to our room I saw banners advertising a One Direction concert in three days!! OMG !!! I need to go for it! How am I gonna convince Ms Maya to take us there.


We unpacked , got changed when Becky brought up the craziest idea!

"why don't you sneak out to the concert. You can act like your sick and stay in the room when actually you will be out in the concert!" Becky blasted out.


"Good idea. But I think telling the truth is the best idea. Then she might take the whole class and not only me." I said 


"Do you know that your the only one who loves one direction! No. One else here even bothers that that there is a chance in meeting them in London!" she screamed.


"Are you serious? No one? Then I guess sneaking out will be a better idea. Do you think I'll get caught?"


We took a notepad which was on the room desk, and started planning out our escape route. Becky told me that for the concert she'll come with me buying case I wanna meet them elsewhere like at a album sighing event she won't come.  So we planned on telling our teacher that I am sick and that Becky volunteered to stay in the hotel with me and take care of me.

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