Could be or Could it not?


1. Field Trip


Preci's P.O.V

It was a rainy day at school and we were having social studies. Our teacher kept on talking about a trip that was organized but I wasn't listening. I was in deep thought praying to make my day better, when our teacher said that we were going to 'England'. I couldnt be happier. But then "will mom and dad let me go?" I thought.

The rest of the day i was in deep thought, thinking of ways to convince mom and dad Becky came over and tried cheering me up. Looking at her face will make you laugh all the time as she is epic. School was over and started walking home, goosebumps forming on my arms and legs picturing mom's and dad's faces when i tell them.

When i got home mom was cooking super and dad still wasn't home so i thought that it was the best time for me to go and convince mom.

"don't you think we should go to England?" she frowned.

'"why all of a sudden?" i was stuck i didn't know what to say next and all that came out was... "we are going on a field trip to England".... the truth.

sh cam over to me and said "what on earth are you talking about, dear?"

"mom please... i so badly want to go to England with my friends. i'll pay for the ticket with my own allowance. just please mom send me and convince dad too.." As soon as i finished i heard the door slam.

"whats all these nagging going on here," he asked sternly.

"our little girl here was asking if she could go to England with  school they are going on a field trip for two weeks. she says she'll pay for the ticket on her own." mom explained.

my dad kept quiet being in deep thought and finally said "i'll pay for the ticket but use your own allowance for the other expenses over there, okay?"

"Oh My God!!!!" i screamed.Running up the stairs i almost tripped over and fell. i went up to my room and called up Becky to tell her the good news and also to start packing since we were leaving in exactly 2 days.



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