Criminaly Connected

The crule, smooth, drug dealing, murderer Smooth Brian goes is on the run from the Police after he is framed for killing his best freind.


2. Joes Bar

The car stops as two young and expressively dressed girls run across the street. Smooth bangs his fist down on the circular horn on his steering wheel, the girls jump. After a few moments of verbal abuse he drives on. It was Saturday night on the clubs so he had to be carful where he parked his car or he may end up walking. He pulls into a practically empty car park, he parks next to a Black Toyota Rav 4.

The street is bustling with clubbers and drunks. Smooth turns left into Joes Bar. Two bouncers stop him.

"Quick search mate." yells one over the noise of the street.

"Its me," Smooth shoves them away, "Its Smooth Brian."

"Oh! Yea!" The bouncers let him through.

The sound of the music is shocking, the beat as the clubbers jump and pound the air. Smooth makes his way through the crowd to a table on the far side. A fat man with two blond girls on his lap and a cigar in his mouth is sat behind it.

"SMOOTH!!!!! My pal, what have ya'  got yaself' into this time."

"Joe, I was just bout to ask ya' the same question."

"Girls," the fat man called Joe pushes the two girls off his lap. "Daddy needs to have a chat"


Joe starts by pouring out two whisky's. They are both now sat in his office.

"Last night yo' right hand man was fond' washed ap' n Rotherhithe with a knife in 'is back." Joe took a sip of his whisky and pushed the other to Smooth. "Now as usual, when a druggy goes down blame his boss. 'Ho 'appens  ta be ya'. So some rozzas came t' ya house 'nd staked it out, till ya were sleep."

"Jesus." Smooth takes a  sip of the whisky.

"Naw' we r good pals, nd' I know that ua' don't 'ave the stupidity ta do tat. Yd just shoot im." Joe takes another sip of the whisky."

"Do you know who did the dirty."

"Sorry pal but I have no clew. Take some vise, get out of the country, meet mey sis in NY and then come back with er, She's ex CIA"

"Thanks Joe." Smooth jugs the Whisky.

"Na probs. Now ya be careful out dear"


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