Criminaly Connected

The crule, smooth, drug dealing, murderer Smooth Brian goes is on the run from the Police after he is framed for killing his best freind.


1. It Begins

BANG! Smooth Brian is awoken, startled and alarmed he turned to his scratched and vandalised bed side table and grabbed his Glock 23 third generation. His hands trembled due to his alcohol addiction as he pointed his gun towards the open window from where the sound has come. He realised after a few seconds that not only it was not a gun that had awoken him, he wasn't breathing. He let out all the air contained in his damaged lungs in one big sigh.

"Shit! I'll never get back to sleep." He laid the gun back on the table and clambered out of bed.

His feet dodged the empty beer cans and bottles. He cleared his throat as he looked at himself in the bathroom mirror. He had shaved his head so that not a single strand of hair was left it. The top of head looked like polished silver but he had three day old stubble building up around his mouth and stretching right to his ears. It was this stubble he ran his shaking hand along. He could feel every hair on his unwashed skin. He looked at his reflection again. His once broken nose was still disfigured. His eyes squinted in the small amount of light that was present in the room. He was hungover.

 Nock Nock Nock!

"Who is it?" Smooth walked out of the bathroom towards the scratched wooden door that the sound had came from.

"Open up! Police!"

Smooth stoped dead in his tracks inches from the door. Had they found him? Well it was obvious, they had!

Without a second tought he ran to the table he had placed his gun on. Pulled on some randomly selected clothes. He knew exactly how to escape. He clambered out of his open window and jumped. He had done it so many times to get away from enimies that he knew how to land. He landed on the bin bags that were never taken by the bin men. He roaled onto the pavement and climbed into the his car that was parked right outside his flat. A white Volkswagen Beatle. He pulled down the sun shield above his head, takes the key he always puts their in the ignition and drives off down the street.

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