Reychel Cuthbert is a normal 16 year old, with a famous 20 year old brother called Josh Cutbert. Reychel travels a lot with Josh, tagging along with them on their tour bus, supporting the boys. But when Union J, Josh's band, tour bus crashes, Reychel's mind is shaken up and now.... She's seriously claustrophobic. No matter how hard the boys tries to cure her, it's almost impossible. The boy who have got a crush on Reychel, George, is trying desperately to cure her of her claustrophobia because he would love to take her camping under the stars one day. Will George be successful? Will Reychel ever be cured?

HarrysPrincess07 this is a fanfic for you babes! I FLUFFING LOVE YOU!


3. JJ's Bedside

JJ lay there, his skin white and his eyes closed. "Is he dead?" George asked Ellie, whimpering. Ellie looked at George with huge eyes, and she shook her head. "He's fine," she quietly whispered. "I'll tell Reychel that he's fine," he mumbled back, and he left the room. Ellie stared at JJ, and Josh made her jump as he walked into the room and kissed her cheek. "You alright babe?" Josh asked Ellie, and she shook her head. "I don't want JJ to die," she replies, and rests her head on her cheek. He sighs loudly, before answering Ellie, "He won't, trust me, the doctors are doing everything they can." in a reassuring voice. "I'll go and see Reychel, I can't stand seeing JJ like this," Ellie said tearfully, and she left the room. Josh sat down next to JJ's bedside, and he started to speak, "JJ, come on, wake up. We don't want you to die. Ellie needs you. I need you, George needs you, Jaymi needs you, your beautiful fans need you, and most of all, Reychel needs you. You're her rock. I know she's in love with George, we all know that, but you're one of her best friends. She needs you again. You see, JJ, she's like she was five years ago, speaking Spanish and all that, but she still remembers you, me, George and Ellie. She doesn't remember anybody else, and that's the reason Jaymi's crying outside. Please wake up, we all need you," he wiped away a tear before leaving the room with his cheeks wet with tears.


"¿Cuál es el problema? ¿Qué pasa con JJ? (What's the matter? What's up with JJ?)" Reychel asked as Josh entered her room. George looked at Reychel, then at Josh. "JJ?" George mouthed to Josh, and he shook his head. "He's in a critical state," Josh said, and he sat down on the empty chair next to George, then looked at his sister with big teary eyes. "Where's Ellie?" Josh asked George. He answered "I thought she was with you." and Josh stood up, accidently knocking over his chair. "Reychel, have you seen Ellie?" Josh asked, forgetting that she didn't remember English. Reychel picked up some words, and she replied, "Outside," without knowing the word slipping out of her mouth.

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