Reychel Cuthbert is a normal 16 year old, with a famous 20 year old brother called Josh Cutbert. Reychel travels a lot with Josh, tagging along with them on their tour bus, supporting the boys. But when Union J, Josh's band, tour bus crashes, Reychel's mind is shaken up and now.... She's seriously claustrophobic. No matter how hard the boys tries to cure her, it's almost impossible. The boy who have got a crush on Reychel, George, is trying desperately to cure her of her claustrophobia because he would love to take her camping under the stars one day. Will George be successful? Will Reychel ever be cured?

HarrysPrincess07 this is a fanfic for you babes! I FLUFFING LOVE YOU!


4. Cutter

"Ellie!" Josh screamed, walking outside of the hospital, "ELLIE!" he shouted again, and when he couldn't find her, he smashed his fist against the brick wall of the hospital. Several fans surrounded him, and he asked each JCat if they saw Ellie, and they all shook their dainty heads. But with little hope in his heart, Josh asked the last JCat, "Do you know where my girlfriend is?" he asked, and she nodded. "Eleanor 'Ellie' Arianna Pawelski, 17 years old of age, 5'5, brown wavy hair, turquorise blue eyes, freckles, a beautiful smile. Is that her?" she described Ellie exactly, and Josh's eyes widened. Josh laughed before asking her, "Yeah, have you seen her?" and she replied with a little nod. "She's over there, by the ambulance," she answers, and smiled. "Thank you! Before I go, what's your twitter name?" Josh asked yet another question, and her smile soon broke into a massive grin. "It's, I know it's weird," she laughed, and Josh grinned. "I'll follow you and talk to you on Twitter later! Bye! Thank you again!" Josh called out to her, and he ran towards an ambulance. "ELLIE!" he screamed again, but this time in horror. Ellie's eyes shot up to him, and tears threatened to fall from her eyes. "Why are you doing this?" Josh sobbed, sitting down next to Ellie, and she moved away from him, scared that he would blow and hurt her. She didn't reply, which caused Josh to grab the knife from her hands and throw it on the ground. "Why were you cutting yourself?!" Josh asked, and Ellie burst into tears. "I'm sorry," she mumbled, before standing up and walking into the hospital, clutching her arm. "You have got to get it checked!" Josh ordered her, and he hid his head in his hands.



Ellie walked into the hospital, and had her arm checked over. "I fell over and cut myself on some broken glass," Ellie lied to the nurses, and she got treated, her arm wrapped in a bandage. She visited Reychel, and they both sat on Reychel's bed in silence. Reychel knew what Ellie was up to, she saw Ellie taking a knife with her but she couldn't find the strength to tell Josh.

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