Reychel Cuthbert is a normal 16 year old, with a famous 20 year old brother called Josh Cutbert. Reychel travels a lot with Josh, tagging along with them on their tour bus, supporting the boys. But when Union J, Josh's band, tour bus crashes, Reychel's mind is shaken up and now.... She's seriously claustrophobic. No matter how hard the boys tries to cure her, it's almost impossible. The boy who have got a crush on Reychel, George, is trying desperately to cure her of her claustrophobia because he would love to take her camping under the stars one day. Will George be successful? Will Reychel ever be cured?

HarrysPrincess07 this is a fanfic for you babes! I FLUFFING LOVE YOU!


1. Chapter One-The Crash


"Why does flamingos sleep on one leg?" George asks the others, and they reply with a shrug. "Because if they rose the other leg, it would fall over!" George joked, laughing uncontrollably. "Tell me why you find that funny. It's not funny at all!" Josh pouts, frowning. "Well, it's not my problem," George says suddenly, stopping laughing. Reychel was unable to stop laughing, tears of laughter rolling down her cheeks. "Babe, it's not that funny, I know, but George's laugh is hilarious," Josh's girlfriend and Reychel's close friend, Ellie, soothed Josh, hugging him. She also was unable to control her giggles. Josh frowned, "Everybody's laughing. It's not that funny! Stop laughing!" Josh yelled, annoyed that he was the only one who didn't get the joke. "We can't help it!" JJ said in between laughs. "It's a laughable joke," George said sarcastically. "I agree!" Jaymi chuckled, wiping away tears of laughter. "Whatever," Josh muttered annoyedly, and he stood up then went to check how far it was to Newcastle. Then 'CRASH!' a lorry crashed into the side of the tour bus. The tour bus was only small, and it was tossed on it's side. "Josh!" Ellie screamed, managing to wiggle out of the sharp metal that surrounded her. She picked up Josh's head, and cried. He looked a terrible sight, with blood around his face. "ReyRey!" George shouted, holding his hand out. Reychel's hand held George's hand and she slipped into unconsciousness. JJ was luckily unharmed and Jaymi was unharmed too. JJ climbed out of the bus, and called 999 while Jaymi tried his best to convince Ellie to get out and leave Josh alone. Many cars stopped behind the bus and many screaming fans screamed in horror. "They will be fine, don't worry," JJ tried to reassure the JCats but it was almost impossible. Jaymi got out of the tour bus at last, hugging a crying Ellie. An ambulance, two police cars and a fire truck all arrive at the scene. They struggled to get Reychel, George and Josh out.   
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