Reychel Cuthbert is a normal 16 year old, with a famous 20 year old brother called Josh Cutbert. Reychel travels a lot with Josh, tagging along with them on their tour bus, supporting the boys. But when Union J, Josh's band, tour bus crashes, Reychel's mind is shaken up and now.... She's seriously claustrophobic. No matter how hard the boys tries to cure her, it's almost impossible. The boy who have got a crush on Reychel, George, is trying desperately to cure her of her claustrophobia because he would love to take her camping under the stars one day. Will George be successful? Will Reychel ever be cured?

HarrysPrincess07 this is a fanfic for you babes! I FLUFFING LOVE YOU!


2. Back To School For Reychel

(ReyRey, sorry but my Spanish is pretty bad. Sorry if I accidently offend any Spanish-speaking people)

Reychel woke up, mumbling "¿Dónde estoy? (where am I?)" and she could hear George's voice, "ReyRey! You're okay!" but his words were confusing to her. "¿qué has dicho? (what did you say?)" she asked, really confused. "Mr Shelley? Can you step back? I think she forgot how to speak English," the doctor told George, and he shook his head in disbelief. "¿Qué está pasando? (What is happening?)" Reychel asked repeatedly. George took his phone out of his pocket, winching a bit. He luckily escaped with a broken arm and some cuts around his tummy and hip so it hurt like hell when he took his phone out. He used Google translate, and he typed in 'Don't you worry' then he spoke to Reychel as if Spanish was his first language, "No te preocupes" and he smiled proudly. "George! ¿Qué está pasando? ¿Llegamos en un accidente de coche?(Did we get in a car accident?)" Reychel asked George, clutching his hand, terrified. George's eyes welled with tears, unable to understand what she had just said. Her sentences were too long for him to remember and type down in his phone. "Unión J se involucró en un accidente de coche con un camión. Los médicos creen que se le olvidó cómo hablar Inglés, así que voy a enseñarte a hablar Inglés. Los médicos también creo que estás claustrofóbica porque se negó a ir a lo de la CT. Es bueno que te acuerdas de mí y bueno que recuerdes cómo hablar su lengua materna, sino que está en Inglaterra y ahora es necesario recordar cómo hablar Inglés. (Union J was involved in a car accident with a truck. Doctors believe that you forgot how to speak English, so I'll teach you to speak English. Doctors also think you're claustrophobic because you refused to go into the CT scan thing. It's good that you remember me and good that you remember how to speak Spanish. You are in England and you now need to remember how to speak English)" George reassured Reychel, reading the interpretation from his phone, and Josh and Ellie walks in the room "Espero que recuerdes a tu hermano Josh y su mejor amiga Ellie. (I hope you remember your brother Josh and your best friend Ellie)" George said to Reychel, looking at Josh and Ellie. Josh and Ellie looked at each other then at George. "Speaking Spanish again, I guess," Josh sighed, recongizing what was going on. "Sí, sí, sí! Echaba de menos a los dos! Ven aquí y dame un abrazo! (Yes, yes, yes! I missed you both! Come here and give me a hug)" Reychel ordered Ellie and Josh, and Ellie grinned. Spanish were her second language as she learned it at school for years. "She remembers us and she wants us to hug her and she missed us both," Ellie interepted for Josh and George. Josh smiled with tears in his eyes as he hugged Reychel. His sister was still there inside her mind. (I know Reychel and Josh are siblings but Reychel grew up in Spain with her mother while Josh stayed in England with his father. The siblings were reunited five years ago) Ellie stood away from George, Josh and Reychel. "Ellie? ¿Cuál es el problema? (Ellie? What's the matter?)" Reychel asked, and Ellie shakes her head. "Nada. Acabo de ver a mi teléfono y creo que JJ dio un giro para peor (Nothing. I just saw my phone and I think JJ's took a turn for the worse)" Ellie spoke to Reychel, and Reychel's eyes brimmed with tears. "What about JJ?" George asked, not understanding what Ellie just said. "JJ's taken a turn for the worse. I'm going to see him," and with that Ellie left the room, leaving Reychel in tears,.

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