mermaid world

Its about the life as a mermaid


1. the sun set


Once upon a time in the deep blue sea there lived a beautiful queen named Shelly and her two daughters named Lisa and Petal and the king named Barry.  They lived in a castle deep under the sea with flowers in the garden and shells on the reef. Petal had a pet fish called Dasiy she has a very stripy back. Petal is very pretty she has very long brown hair and lips red as the rose and she has a purple tail.  She loves to swim to shore every night to see the sun set, as the sun goes down  she says "goodnight world" then she  swims back down to the bottom of the reef.  "where have you been?" her father says "I've been to the surface to watch the sun set daddy" said Petal.

"Well of to bed now you have school in the morning" said Barry "OK goodnight daddy, love you" said Petal.

Petal went to bed early at night she had bad dreams about humans killing all of the mermaids.

"Wake up sis its only a dream" said Lisa "morning, how's you today?" said Petal "I'm fine thanks"

Said Lisa "where have you been?" said Petal "um, daddy had to send me away to mercamp" said Lisa "what's mercamp?" said Petal "Its where all us mermaids camp in the ship wreck and sing songs and build rock dens to sleep in for a week, its really fun, when you are 18 you will go there".

Said Lisa "cool it sounds great"  said Petal  "you better get on the whale bus for school" said Lisa "OK 

I just need to eat my breakfast first" said Petal. Petal was 16 and her sister was 18, Lisa had blond hair and a green tail which was very pretty. "Come on its time to go" said Barry "don't forget

Your pack lunch" said Shelly "bye see you at tea time"said Barry.


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