mermaid world

Its about the life as a mermaid


3. Lisa's hen party

Today was the last day of Lisa's freedom it was her hen party. "Lisa" said her mum" yes"mum said Lisa

"iv brought you a new dress for the hen party for tonight" said her mum "oh thank you" said Lisa. Her dress looked like the dress from beauty and the beast it was so beautiful not as beautiful as her wedding dress. All of her family had to help set up the hen party for tonight her mum had to order in the strippers and her dad had to do the make up for Lisa and her sisters went to the finest fancy dress shop to get a banner that goes round her neck saying the hen  party queen and other banners for all of her friends but they just say hen party they also got a big sign saying no men allowed unless if your a stripper. not only that they got a crown just  plan plastic one they also got a her a sparkleing gold shoes . Its  a dress up party all of the gusts have to dress up as  Disney characters. "OK lets start the party" said Lisa and they all started to dance to pop rap hip hop and rock. "everyone I  have a announcement said Lisa I am pregnant" all  of a sudden everyone started to cheer" hi pp her ray" yelled everyone the mother said "why didn't you tell us" I wanted it to be a surprise" said Lisa "oh yer you definitely surprised us so when the baby due and what are you going to call it" said Shelly "the baby is due in 6 months and shes called sandy and the dad is Kyle" said Lisa "oh congrats" said everyone "next up the strippers" Shelly said "yay" said everyone. after the strippers did there thing. Shelly Barry and petal all  went to the bar to have a drink. "Are you excited for tomorrow" ask Barry "yes I cant wait" said Lisa.


END OF CHAPTER 3                  

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